MRMTC Monthly Tournaments

MRMTC Monthly Tournaments

May 1 - November 30, 2023

Tournament Rules


1. The Season Long Monthly, Super Monthly, Mako Shark and Offshore Open tournaments are MRMTC member only tournaments. Only MRMTC members and non-member guests fishing on that member’s boat (with the member present) are eligible to fish these tournaments.

2. An Entry Form must be submitted in order to fish the tournament(s). Entry fees must be postmarked at least three (3) days prior to catch to be eligible for prizes.

3. A member may fish on a member or non-member boat. The member must be on board their boat at the time of catch for that catch to be eligible for him or her.

4. Only fish caught out of Manasquan Inlet are eligible. Manasquan Inlet catches are defined as a catch made from a boat leaving from and returning directly to Manasquan Inlet, or a catch made from the shores of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

5. Fish being entered for award consideration must be weighed on a state or government certified scale. Fish may not be weighed at sea. Members may not weigh their own fish for award considerations. Trustees may weigh fish for other members provided the trustee was not part of the crew when the catch was made.

a. All catches must be reported by submitting a fully completed Official MRMTC Weigh Slip which is available on www.mrmtc.com. Older versions of the weigh slip will not be accepted. The weigh slips must be submitted within 7 calendar days from the date of the catch by electronically submit a photo of the completed weigh slip via email to WIN@mrmtc.com or uploaded VIA the MRMTC App (the App will forward the slip to the email address)

6. All State, Federal and IGFA Rules and Regulations apply to this tournament except as follows:

a. A fish may be hooked by anyone other than the angler provided the rod is immediately transferred to the angler after the hook-

up. From that time forward, the angler must fight the fish alone until boated or released.

b. The use of umbrella rigs and wire line while trolling is permitted.

c. The use of spreader bars is permitted.

d. There is no limit to the number of rods or lines used while fishing.

e. Commercial fishing or the use of commercial fishing gear such as green sticks, bandit gear, etc. is not permitted. Use of spotter

planes, drones or any other types of aerial surveillance is also prohibited.

7. Fish caught on a member’s boat during the course of a non-member-paid charter trip are not eligible regardless of who the angler is.

8. Fish caught by a member who is being paid as a crew member, i.e. mate, captain, etc., during the course of a fishing trip, are not eligible for any prize or trophy.

9. The tournament may be altered, cancelled, postponed or extended to other dates at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

10. All interpretations of the Rules and decisions by the Tournament Committee are final.

11. Season long Bluefin Super monthly category is the only category that is eligible for Bluefin tuna caught while fishing under the HMSGeneral Category permit regulations. IGFA rules still apply.

12. Unpaid super monthly winnings will roll into the general monthly payout.

13. In the event of a tie – winnings will be split 50/50.