MRMTC Monthly Tournaments

May 1 - November 30, 2023

Tournament Registration

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Entry Fees

Item Price

Season Long Monthly Tournaments Entry

$200 per club member for all species. 10% of the entry will be deducted for the George Burlew Scholarship fund. There is guaranteed prize money of at least $150 for each species per month. Heaviest fish in each category, each month will be the winner.

All Non-winners are eligible for a consolation prize drawn at random


June Striped Bass Super Monthly

Striped Bass (combined weight of 2)


July Tuna Super Monthly



August Fluke Super Monthly



Bluefin Tournament

May 1- Nov 30

100% of the entry will be paid out to the heaviest Bluefin Tuna. *Note, this is the only monthly category that is eligible for a general category permit holders.


Members Only Offshore Open Tournament

August 27 - September 3

100% of the entry will be paid out for the heaviest tuna.

*Member must enter the Offshore Open Tournament to participate in this category.


Marlin Super Monthly August & September

August and September Marlin Release Tournament.

There is no guaranteed prize for this monthly tournament. 100% of the Entry will be paid out to the (4) winners, equally – Most White Marlin for August, Most Blue Marlin for August, Most White Marlin for September, Most Blue Marlin for September. (Payout example: 20 Entrants= $2,000 in entry fees. $500 to be paid to each winner: August Blue Marlin releases, August White Marlin releases, September Blue Marlin Releases, September White Marlin Releases.)