2022 Buccaneer Cup

January 19 - January 22, 2022


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01/20/22 @ 3:30 PM

LINES OUT!!! 3:30p

Day One - LINES OUT!

Congratulations to our "unofficial" day one winning teams. And a big THANK YOU to all our teams who fished today.

01/20/22 @ 2:55 PM

Almost there....

Almost there, teams!

Lines will be out at 3:30 and the weigh station will open at the Buccaneer Marina.

Please remember to let us know if you have fish to weigh.

Hookups can be called in 15 minutes prior to lines out!

We have (at least) released 5 fish for the day... can we make it to 10?

See you soon...

ps.. here is the breakdown of how many teams entered each calcutta category! We have over $360k in the pot and two more days to contend!

01/20/22 @ 12:49 PM


While we have a minute waiting on the fish to come out of hiding - I'd like to take a minute to THANK our generous sponsors!

We have the best community and seeing everyone together last night at The Viking Service Center was almost as fun as watching our teams use the word "merkin" in a sentence ;)

Our gift bags, shirts, buckets, food trucks, DJ and bar - were all possible because these incredible companies chipped in!

And the (hmmm) fun - and fishing isn't over yet. Even if, the bite is slow.

Teams - the weigh station will be open at (our namesake) The Buccaneer Marina - today from 3:30-5:30 to weigh any met fish you may have. Lets hope they are biting.

Thank you all for following and for your continued support.

01/20/22 @ 12:25 PM

Noon(ish) Report


Fish count may be LOW but moral is high! At least for team “Chop it up” @bluemoonfishcompany (check out our Instagram for the video).

6 #sailfish have been released by two of the 14 boat fleet out today!

Viking 64’ is in the lead with 3 releases on dead bait.

“No Mercy” in second with 2 releases on live bait!

“Chasin’ Tail” with 1 release on live bait.

🙏🏻Please send our teams some good mojo for a little {more} action this afternoon!

Stay tuned… 🤞🏼

#buccup2022 #buccup

Jan 20 @ 4:02 PM

Chop It Up

Weighed a 35.4 lbs kingfish

Jan 20 @ 4:02 PM

Chop It Up

Weighed a 27.3 lbs kingfish

Jan 20 @ 4:02 PM

Chop It Up

Weighed a 37.8 lbs kingfish

Jan 20 @ 4:02 PM

Chop It Up

Weighed a 24.3 lbs kingfish

Jan 20 @ 3:55 PM

No Mercy

Jeff Feuerman weighed a 8.0 lbs dolphin

Jan 20 @ 3:52 PM


Jason Doyle weighed a 8.18 lbs kingfish

Jan 20 @ 3:07 PM

Chasin' Tail

James Takats released a sailfish.

01/20/22 @ 10:06 AM

Time to start drinking!

We need some action...
Maybe our "word of the day should have been - Dunkaroo!

JK - Dont get your MERKINs in a knot! ;)

Our 10am update is:

ONE "BIRTHDAY" RELEASE for The VIKING 64' at 9:02am - making it the 1st and ONLY fish caught today (so far).

It may be a long day watching the waterline - you may as well have some fun! Take a shot, have a snack, adjust your Merkin and hang in there!

Jan 20 @ 2:44 PM

Viking 64

Tyler Beckford released a sailfish.

Jan 20 @ 2:28 PM

Byte Me

Josh Miron released a sailfish.

Jan 20 @ 1:24 PM


Dan Bailey released a sailfish.

01/20/22 @ 8:00 AM



Good luck teams!

We have 16 teams fishing out of 36 today. Check out the list under “lay-days” here in the app!

Jan 20 @12:16 PM

Chasin' Tail

Jasen Gilbert released a sailfish.

01/20/22 @ 7:09 AM

Good Morning!!!

👋🏼Welcome, BUC CUP TEAMS!

I will be using this & Tournament Text to communicate updates & info to you each.

💥First, THANK YOU! We have 36 boats total competing. Your teams have been updated in the app.

🛥36 Boats
💰Calcutta Breakdowns by division were text and will be emailed.
(After we reconcile with the bank today we will confirm totals, apx $400k pot 💰)

❗️Remember lines in at 8am
☀️Day 1 (Thursday)


Feel free to use it in a sentence and show a phone or gps with date / time! State the boat name or number pls.

Radio Channel 79


Jan 20 @11:49 AM

Viking 64

Thomas Garmany released a sailfish.

Jan 20 @10:39 AM

No Mercy

David Nason released a sailfish.

Jan 20 @10:27 AM

Viking 64

Justin Healey released a sailfish.

Jan 20 @10:11 AM

No Mercy

Kevin Walsh released a sailfish.

Jan 20 @ 9:02 AM

Viking 64

Thomas Garmany released a sailfish.

01/19/22 @ 10:16 PM

Welcome to the 59th Buc Cup!

Teams, followers & friends:

Thank you to everyone who attended tonights Captains Meeting. It was a full house! Thank you for your patience as I enter and update all teams Calcutta and angler edits this evening. I will have text updates to teams via the phone numbers used to register beginning tomorrow. We have 36 boats fishing this week and 39 total were registered.

Please remember to text me your LAY DAY before lines in. We will monitor channel 79. Everything is listed in your red packet for reference.


Good night and Good Luck Tomorrow.