The View 34th Annual Bass Tournament

The View 34th Annual Bass Tournament

November 6 - November 7, 2023

Tournament Rules

  • To be eligible for any award, a clear photo/video documentation of the measurement with “tape measure flat on deck”, “closed mouth” to the “pinched tail fork” length, along with a photo of the angler with the fish release must be provided to the scoring committee upon return to the dock.
  • Standard Measuring Board/Tape will be provided for each boat. It is required for all boats to use the provided measuring board/Tape for any Stripers to qualify!
  • Only release fish will be videotaped and submitted into ReelTimeApp/Tournament Board for review and live scoring.
  • Video documentation includes:
    • Fish with Angler
    • Fish Measured (clear view of all inches from mouth to inner tail fork)
    • Show the Release!
  • We will post/show a video showing requirements for a Proper Tape and Proper Release of fish. Everything is reviewed live, real time by tournament board.
  • To be eligible, for Striped Bass, a clear photo/video documentation of the measurement with tape measure flat on deck, from mouth to the (inside) “curved for” length of tail.
  • No Gaffing of stripers, Net Use and Lip Gripper use Only.
  • Use of non-offset circle hooks is required when using live or dead bait.
  • Anglers can fish from 7am to 1pm. Slot Fish Must Be Gutted Before They Are Weighed
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place longest fish if a tie, 1st fish caught will win. 4th Place heaviest slot fish gutted (no video necessary). Back to the View Restaurant by 1pm.
  • Junior 16 years and younger longest fish or heaviest slot fish gutted. Time 7am to 1pm. Boats must be back to weigh fish by 1pm.
  • All Anglers must have a Valid & Current NYS Fishing License
  • All Anglers must comply with all Coast Guard laws and rules, local laws and New York State DEC fishing regulations.
  • Boundaries Moriches Inlet to Tobay Beach out 3 miles. GPS and time in ReelTimeApp. if you are of bounds you will be automatically disqualified.