6th Annual Don Combs Wahoo Round-Up

6th Annual Don Combs Wahoo Round-Up

December 11 - January 29, 2023

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10/19/23 @ 12:18 PM


The 2023-2024 Don Combs Wahoo Tournament is back and registration is OPEN!!!

REGISTER NOW: https://nefma.com/wahoo-roundup/

Tournament Director - Steve Stombock, 904-545-9048

02/01/23 @ 10:17 AM

Congratulations to the following winners of the 6th Annual Don Combs Wahoo Roundup!

General Tournament:
1st Place - 91.11 lbs
Just Us, Capt Kris Nowicki
2nd Place - 86.7 lbs
Privilege, Capt John Whitner
3rd Place - 86.03 lbs
Bigger & Better, Capt Zack Wilson

Heaviest Fish TWT:
1st Place - Privilege, Capt John Whitner
2nd Place - Flossy, Capt Spencer Ross

Heaviest Two-Fish TWT:
1st Place - Flossy, Capt Spencer Ross
2nd Place - Runnin’ Skinny, Capt Mike Vitko

High Roller Heaviest Two-Fish TWT:
Flossy, Capt Spencer Ross

Water Warriors Heaviest Fish TWT:
Privilege, Capt John Whitner

Please join us in celebrating on February 11th at 6pm at the NEFMA Clubhouse located at 3030 Harbor Dr. in St. Augustine.
RSVP is required by clicking here: https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/0S9ccFf09IsuKql

01/22/23 @ 12:24 PM

Tournament End Date

There is a typo in the rules and we want to confirm that the last date of the tournament is SUNDAY, January 29.

Jan 21 @ 6:03 PM

Runnin ' Skinny

Weighed a 72.7 lbs wahoo

Jan 21 @ 6:00 PM

Reel Fixation

Weighed a 74.4 lbs wahoo

Jan 12 @ 2:53 PM

Latitude Adjustment

Weighed a 36.24 lbs wahoo

Jan 10 @ 8:48 PM

D's Knots

Weighed a 41.6 lbs wahoo

01/09/23 @ 1:54 PM

App Issues?

Captains and Crew, If you are having trouble submitting catches through the app or any other functions, you may want to check for a software update on your phone or device. The app is updated and working fine, but some times you will have troubles if your device software needs an update.


Jan 09 @10:48 AM


Weighed a 32.2 lbs wahoo

01/03/23 @ 10:33 AM


All boats are to check-in and submit a photo with the fish and the tournament issued boat number once you have returned to land on their declared fishing days.

Please see line #'s 6 and 17 of the tournament rules! ALL TOURNAMENT RULES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES!

Jan 03 @ 2:23 PM


Weighed a 67.8 lbs wahoo

Jan 03 @11:43 AM

On A Mission

Jeremy H weighed a 47.2 lbs wahoo

Jan 03 @10:25 AM

Killin' Time

Weighed a 30.7 lbs wahoo

Jan 02 @ 8:30 PM

Runnin ' Skinny

Weighed a 55.67 lbs wahoo