50th Annual Gold Cup Team Fishing Tournament

January 11 - January 15, 2022

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01/15/22 @ 4:28 PM

Award's Gala

After today's battle, it's going to be a fun award's dinner! If you haven't already done so, please contact the Club at (561) 844-0206 to give reservations! See you tonight!

01/15/22 @ 3:50 PM

Ladies Night Tonight!!

Lines out, Lines out! With no last minute hook ups the committee boat was able to congratulate our winners Showtime!, Seven, and Tami Ann. In keeping with tradition the captains came over the radio to congratulate Captain Jon Meade on his first place finish, but also something you don't always hear, "good going ladies." One mic keyed in with Kool & The Gang's classic party tune "Ladies Night" Oh what a night it will be! Not only did the Ladies on Showtime! nab the First Place trophy, Kelly Kirkpatrick has won the Top Overall Angler Award. No small feat in this fleet! Congratulations ladies. A special nod to their spouses and competitors on Wrapped Up, these guys came from 19th place to 4th today, taking the daily and a trophy to keep on the mantel as well.

We must mention all scores must be certified against the team's scorecards as many boats were out of radio reach. A big thank you to Glenn Cameron on the Floridian for many of the relays!

Congratulations and Thank You to everyone who participated in the 50th Annual Sailfish Club of Florida's Gold Cup!

01/15/22 @ 3:14 PM

Down to the Wire!

Another fish for Seven has tied up the game once more! The Ladies on Showtime! still have the lead on time but WOW! It's a nail biter with less than 20 minutes left in the tournament! And has anyone noticed the meteoric climb of Wrapped Up? These men do not want to go home empty handed catching 4 fish since 11:00 and are now in the lead for the daily!

01/15/22 @ 12:45 PM

"If you can't beat 'em join 'em"

Rumor has it... A certain unnamed boat has donned dresses in an attempt to trick the fish gods. Since making the effort the unnamed boat has moved from 19th place to 10th!
-It's working.

01/15/22 @ 12:09 PM

Tied for First!

Are you watching our app? We currently have Liquidity leading the daily category with two fish and Seven leading the overall with 8 releases. But our all ladies team on Showtime! is on their tails with two releases for the day and 8 over all! Two first place ties!! We keep our scores based on time, so in actuality they're still in second, but one more fish for any of these three teams would really shake things up! Do your fish dances, send your good luck texts!! We're coming down to the wire!

Jan 15 @ 3:06 PM


Keith Mayfield released a sailfish.

01/15/22 @ 10:00 AM

Pick Pick Pick

That saying slow and steady wins the race?? Our teams are practicing that! It's been a steady pick all morning with Liquidity leading the day with two releases. A third of the fleet have each caught one more. Pick pick pick..

Jan 15 @ 2:45 PM

BAD Kitty

Kathleen D'Antonio released a sailfish.

Jan 15 @ 1:56 PM

Wrapped Up

Geoff Mayfield released a sailfish.

Jan 15 @ 1:56 PM

Wrapped Up

Chris * Lazzara released a sailfish.