Sailfish Club Gold Cup

January 03 - January 07, 2019

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01/24/19 @ 1:28 PM

Gold Cup Statements


The Sailfish Club of Florida accounting department has just finalized its Gold Cup statements, and we will begin charging those who provided a credit card this afternoon.

Please contact Sarah Gay at sarahgay@sailfishclub.com if you would like to review your statement before being charged.

For questions, please call (561) 844-0206.

We hope to see you next year!

01/07/19 @ 1:57 PM

Don't Forget to Turn In Donald Leas Chairman's Award with Score Sheets

Anglers -

Be sure to turn in your sheet that was in the Boat Captain Packet for the Donald Leas Chairman Award.
This award is given to the angler who has the highest percentage hook up ratio. Please include all anglers on the sheet.

Thank you!

If you haven't already done so, please let Bonnie Powell know how many reservations you have for tonight's dinner.

Jan 07 @ 3:07 PM


Michael Durkin released a sailfish.

Jan 07 @ 1:49 PM


ALT: Robert Micchelli released a sailfish.

Jan 07 @ 1:15 PM

J 'n' T

Bob Shomo, Jr. released a sailfish.

Jan 07 @11:56 AM


Kevin Pento released a sailfish.

Jan 07 @11:40 AM

Krazy Salts

Dave Anderson released a sailfish.

Jan 07 @10:37 AM


John Fabick released a sailfish.

Jan 07 @ 9:19 AM


MICHAEL GILLMAN released a sailfish.

01/06/19 @ 3:38 PM

Lines Out!

22 Releases
Flyer, Polarizer, Krazy Salts & Bree all released 2

Day 3 - Top Anglers:
Jamie Diller (Polarizer)
Anthony Cummings (Krazy Salts)
Jacob Oswald (Bree)
Howard Webb (Showtime!)

See you tomorrow!