2023 Elbow Reef Classic

June 21 - June 24, 2023


Activity Feed

Jun 24 @ 5:42 PM


Joe Presta weighed a 23.0 lbs wahoo

Jun 24 @ 4:55 PM

Mo Betta

Tommy Burnes weighed a 28.0 lbs dolphin

Jun 24 @ 4:43 PM

Mo Betta

Charlie Burnes weighed a 112.8 lbs yellowfin tuna

06/24/23 @ 4:00 PM

LINE OUT - Final Day


That's a wrap on fishing for the inaugural Elbow Reef Classic. See you at the Scale!

06/24/23 @ 3:45 PM

Call in hook up's - 3:45p

3:45pm Teams can begin calling in or texting hook ups prior to 4pm lines out.

See you all at the scale from 4-6pm

06/24/23 @ 3:03 PM

Afternoon Announcements

-No scores to report this afternoon (so far).
-One hour until lines out (4pm)
-Hook ups can be radio/ call / text in beginning at 3:45pm

-Weigh Station opens at 4pm (4-6pm) at the NE dock at Hope Town Inn & Marina. Join us there for RUM PUNCH and the meatfish weigh-in.

Awards Party Info:
Celebration begins at 6:30pm at the outdoor pool bar / restaurant area. We will have dinner/ drinks/ raffle/ AWARDS!

See you all soon!

06/24/23 @ 12:32 PM

Mid-Day Report

Mid-day Report:

-Report of a Blue Marlin Release by Bacaire II at 11:40a (pending video confirmation).

-Report of a boated Yellow Fin Tuna by Mo Better for the scale this afternoon.

Please keep in mind, billfish scores must be confirmed by video validation before scores are final.

Stay tuned!

Jun 24 @11:40 AM


Chris Lightbourn released a blue marlin.

06/24/23 @ 10:31 AM

Mid- Morning Report - Final Day

Mid-Morning Report:

Mo Better is hooked up with Billfish (no release or confirmation yet). And one report of wahoo to be weighed.

To kick off our radio raffle for the day, first team to send a video of team "Shot Gun" wins a prize package. Text it to Courtney to qualify.

Tight Lines!

06/24/23 @ 8:00 AM

LINES IN- Final Day


Good luck and tight lines!

06/24/23 @ 6:54 AM

Good Morning - Final Day

Good Morning, Teams!

We have 4 teams competing today. Teams, today please remember to use text and phone call / WhatsApp to call in billfish releases if possible when out of range and we will repeat them over the radio - VHF Ch 72.

Lines are in at 8am - Lines out 4pm and the scale at Hope Town Inn and Marina will be open from 4-6pm with the Awards Ceremony and dinner to follow.

Good Luck and Be Safe out there today!
Tight Lines,
-Courtney and Committee

Jun 23 @ 5:40 PM

Blurred Lines

David Carter weighed a 42.5 lbs yellowfin tuna

Jun 23 @ 5:34 PM

Blurred Lines

AJ Koontz weighed a 53.5 lbs yellowfin tuna

Jun 23 @ 4:34 PM


Joe Presta weighed a 17.5 lbs barracuda

Jun 23 @ 4:34 PM


Joe Presta weighed a 36.5 lbs wahoo

Jun 23 @ 4:20 PM

Joint Venture II

Bernardo Ruseell weighed a 23.5 lbs wahoo

06/23/23 @ 4:00 PM



See you at the scale at Hope Town Inn & Marina! Join us for RUM punch on the dock.

06/23/23 @ 3:45 PM

Call in hook up's - 3:45p

Teams can call in hook up's beginning at 3:45pm before lines out at 4pm.

06/23/23 @ 2:48 PM

Daily Calcutta - Announcements

The Daily Calcutta amounts for both Billfish Release and Meatfish are now posted. Please keep in mind the payouts will change if the leaderboard changes. Daily payouts are based on each teams' "fish day" (day one & day two) and not calendar day.

Any questions on the Calcutta or posted prizes (so far) please reach out to Courtney. Thank you.

In one hour teams can begin calling in hook ups. (3:45pm)

06/23/23 @ 1:25 PM

Afternoon updates!

Congratulations to Lady Angler Taylor Graue for landing her very 1st BLUE MARLIN release and putting one of the board for the women!

We have had two teams with 1st time marlin releases this week, we cannot wait to celebrate.

Reminder the scale opens at 4pm after lines out and is located on the NE end of Hope Town Inn & Marina. Shot out to Aaron, Robert and Team for all they have done and do to help us host this event all week.

Jun 23 @12:46 PM

No Regrets

Taylor Graue released a blue marlin.

06/23/23 @ 11:24 AM

Tournament Trivia (2)

Tournament Trivia (2) Congratulations to the "Lauren J" to who won our second round of Tournament Trivia by answering, How many steps does the Elbow Reef Lighthouse have?

Answer: 101

Update: There is a report of (1) Yes, thats only (1) fish to weighed so far today. Scale will open at 4pm after lines out. We will have rum punch on the dock to lighten things up after a slow morning.

Tight Lines, Teams. Let's turn it around with an afternoon bite!

06/23/23 @ 10:21 AM

Mid-Morning Report - Day Two

10am Report for Day Two of the ERC

The only action we have had over the radio is Tournament Trivia. Which was "No Problem" for Team No Problem, who won a bottle of Hope Town Vodka by answering the trivia question, how tall is the Elbow Reef Lighthouse. Answer: 89FT

Other than that, the radio crickets are alive and well.

06/23/23 @ 8:18 AM


Teams, As a reminder, if you are out of radio range you may text or call billfish releases in to Courtney. You are only required to report billfish releases by radio. All meatfish can be brought directly to weigh station beginning at 4pm. There is a 15lb min for all meatfish categories.

Thank you, good luck.

06/23/23 @ 8:00 AM




06/23/23 @ 7:16 AM

Good Morning, Day Two!

Good Morning, Teams!

Welcome to day two of the Elbow Reef Classic. Please remember to text Courtney if you are taking a LAYDAY today as the daily calcutta is weighed by fishing days. Scores have been updated to reflect yesterdays weigh station. Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

Channel 72 VHF for tournament communication.
Courtney 561-909-7868 Cell + WhatsApp

Jun 22 @ 5:46 PM

Blurred Lines

Christian Levarity weighed a 24.5 lbs yellowfin tuna

Jun 22 @ 5:39 PM

Blurred Lines

Christian Levarity weighed a 46.8 lbs yellowfin tuna

Jun 22 @ 5:37 PM


Nicholas B. weighed a 51.8 lbs yellowfin tuna

Jun 22 @ 4:39 PM

No Regrets

Garrett Graue weighed a 39.8 lbs wahoo

Jun 22 @ 4:22 PM

Reel Short Story

Jake Osteen weighed a 27.5 lbs yellowfin tuna

06/22/23 @ 4:00 PM



See you at the scale, NE side of Hope Town Inn & Marina.

Species that can be weighed:
Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi, Barracuda (15 lb min)

Jun 22 @ 3:50 PM

Lauren J

Nathan Cvitanovich released a blue marlin.

06/22/23 @ 3:48 PM

Call in hook ups

Teams can now call in hookups prior to 4pm lines out.

We have one hook up reported for Lauren J.

Scale opens at 4pm after lines out.

06/22/23 @ 2:06 PM

2pm Report and Announcements

2pm Report:

-One Blue Marlin Release (No Regrets)

Weigh Station Opens from 4-6pm on the NE Corner Dock of Hope Town Inn & Marina.
Everyone is welcome to stop by for RUM punch and fish stories!
(Shout out to ROBERT and the HT Marina Dock Crew for setting up our weight station. Please be sure to show appreciation for all they do to help us have a great stay).

Tonight: Join us at Sea Spray for live music, bar and games (corn hole, beer pong, etc.) there will be competition and drinking games with prizes from Hope Town Vodka.

Reminder: hook ups can be called/radio in beginning at 3:45pm (15 minutes prior to lines out at 4pm).

Jun 22 @12:26 PM

No Regrets

Ed Sasso released a blue marlin.

06/22/23 @ 12:13 PM

NOONER - Noon report!

Hi, Teams & Followers.

We have 10 teams fishing today (as day one). The Calcutta list by division with amounts and teams entered has been emailed to the email address with which you entered the tournament. If there is any question or issue, please don't hesitate to call me. 561-909-7868.

The payout and calcutta info can also be found on the app next to the “leaderboard tab” under “prizes”. You can watch the money change as we enter scores each day to see who is in the lead. Weigh station scores will be entered once the scale closes each day after 6pm.

Thank you all, again. We could not have a tournament without you and the Lighthouse Society and Elbow Reef Foundation thanks you greatly for your support for the upkeep and care of the Elbow Reef Lighthouse.

Good Luck and Tight Lines,

Tournament Director
(cell + whatsapp)

06/22/23 @ 11:28 AM

(Almost) Mid-Day Raffle Give-a-Way

Hi, Teams!
Radio Raffle Time!

We have a bottle of CINCORO TEQUILA for the first team to radio (ch 72) or text Courtney (561-909-7868) with the year the Elbow Reef Lighthouse was built.

(No google - or we drink it for you) ;)

06/22/23 @ 8:32 AM

Rules reminders

Please remember we are following Bahamian and IGFA fishing rules and regulations on tackle and equipment. If you are unsure of your equipment or have a specific questions please reference https://igfa.org/international-angling-rules/ - or call Courtney 561-909-7868 cell.

Lines will be out today at 4pm
Scale/Weigh Station at Hope Town Inn & Marina will open from 4-6pm each day.
Good Luck, Thank You.

06/22/23 @ 8:00 AM

LINES IN - Day One 8am

LINES IN, LINES IN! Good luck, teams!