2023 CMMTC Double Shot Season Kickoff

June 9 - June 10, 2023

Tournament Rules

CMMTC “Double Shot” Season Kickoff Tournament – June 9th, 2023 – June 10th, 2023 - Entry Fee $200

All Club rules apply to tournaments. The following rules apply to all tournaments unless specific deviations from these rules are outlined in a given tournament. 

1.     Tournament radio channels will be chosen and communicated at each tournament Captain's Meeting. 

2.     Boundaries for Club tournaments and seasonal awards shall always be 125 nautical miles from the Cape May Sea Buoy. Club boats and anglers must depart for fishing grounds from any Cape May County Inlet and return to Cape May, however, boats may fish multiple days with a landing at a port other than Cape May. At no time during an extended trip may a Club vessel exceed the fishing boundaries for points to count towards Club totals. Boats fishing the Ocean City/Cape May Challenge Cup Tournament and the Ocean City White Marlin Open, while fishing out of Ocean City, MD will also have their fish count toward season awards.

3.     With the exception of swordfish, there will be no Club prizes for boated billfish. 

4.     Billfish will be considered released when the mate grabs the leader, or the swivel touches the rod tip.

5.     All fish must be caught in accordance with IGFA rules and all local and federal regulations. Any fish caught using electric reels are ineligible for any points, prizes, or tournaments.

6.     Any fish to be weighed must be weighed on a certified scale at one of the following approved member weigh stations: Canyon Club Marina, South Jersey Marina, Jim’s Bait and Tackle. Photos of your fish on a scale will not be accepted. The weigh slip, or CMMTC fish report, must be signed by the weighmaster. If a separate weigh slip is used, it must be attached to a CMMTC fish report. A photo of the weigh slip must then be uploaded to the CMMTC Reel Time app; this is mandatory for any fish to be considered for Club awards.

7.     It is the Club member’s responsibility to upload catch reports to the CMMTC Reel Time app prior to the indicated tournament deadline. Reports that are incomplete or do not meet these requirements will be considered invalid.

8.     All ties will be broken on time. For boats tied for release points; the tie is broken by the boat releasing the last fish first. For boats tied for weight; the fish weighed first will be the winner.

9.     The Club shall offer no cash tournament prizes. CMMTC is not a beneficiary or supporter of any gentlemen’s wagers, side bets, Calcutta’s, or similar activities.  CMMTC does not organize, collect or disperse any money related to the aforementioned activities.

10.   Protests must be presented to the Tournament Committee in writing within 24 hours of the day fished. Please submit any protests to tournaments@capemaymarlintunaclub.com. The Tournament Committee, with a majority present, shall meet and make all final decisions.

11.   To be eligible to fish the Challenge Cup, boats must have: 1) Participated in at least two (2) offshore Club tournaments during the current season, or 2) Gained eligibility through sponsorship poackages

12.   Any boats using an Omni Sonar, or similar device, may not deploy the sonar until “Lines In” or the beginning of fishing time.

13.   Additional rules may apply as determined by the Tournament Director and communicated at the Captain's Meeting. In the event of any conflict between these General Rules and the Tournament Event Rules, The Event rules shall supercede.


·        This Tournament has both inshore and offshore categories. Any boat may enter fish in any available category. (ie, a boat may enter a qualifying fish in both the tuna and sea bass category)

·         All fees must be paid prior to the closing of the bar on the evening of the Captain’s Meeting.

·         The Schedule for this tournament is as follows, no lines may be in the water prior to the start of fishing: 

Tournament Schedule




Friday, June 9, 2023

7:00 PM

Captain's Meeting

Saturday, June 10, 2023

7:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Fish Day

Saturday, June 10, 2023

6:30 PM

All Catch Slips Must be Submitted

Saturday, June 10, 2023

7:00 PM


Saturday, June 10, 2023

8:00 PM



·         Season long tournament points will be given for top three places in each fish category for this tournament as follows:

Tournament Point System

Tournament Place

Tournament Points

Most Billfish Pts

Heaviest Tuna

Heaviest Mahi

Heaviest Flounder

Heaviest Sea Bass

1st Place







2nd Place







3rd Place








·         All fish must be caught in accordance with IGFA rules and all local and federal regulations with the following exceptions:

  •        “Hook and Hand” will be allowed as long as it is accomplished immediately after hookup.
  •       Spreader bars may be used
  •       No Greensticks allowed
  •        The intentional use of live bait or live bait teasers is not allowed