2023 Austin Blu Foundation Land & Sea Fishing Tournament

2023 Austin Blu Foundation Land & Sea Fishing Tournament

June 16 - June 17, 2023

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Tournament Rules

2023 Tournament Information

This tournament is for adults and children and is a family-friendly fishing tournament encouraging parent/child fishing interactions. Anglers can fish from land or sea, so there is something for everyone.  The tournament will benefit the AustinBlu Foundation and will raise awareness about the importance of boater safety on the water.


Open Online Registration: May 1, 2023

Captain’s Meeting: Friday, June 16th –  The River Center will review rules and schedule of events.   Anglers may pick up shirts and bracelets (required for the release competition) that evening from 5-7 p.m. at the River Center. This is mandatory to attend. 

Tournament Day Fishing: Saturday, June 17th, lines in the water no earlier than 7 a.m. and lines out of the water no later than 3 p.m.

Tournament Award Celebration: Saturday, June 17th, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the River Center

River Center Address: Burt Reynolds Park East, 805 N US Highway 1, Jupiter, FL  33477

Weigh-In Location: The River Center

Tournament Overview

The tournament will include two competitions running side by side to better accommodate all anglers.  In the Release Competition, anglers will receive points for the number/species of fish caught, photographed, and released.  To receive points, anglers must submit acceptable photographs of their catches with an identifying tournament logo (shirt, bracelet or lanyard).  Tournament logo gear will be handed out at the River Center on June 25th.  Release Competition prizes will be awarded to anglers based on age categories.  In the Harvest Competition, anglers will bring their harvested catch to the River Center for measurement of the fish.  Harvest Competition prizes will be awarded for the heaviest fish in each category regardless of the angler’s age.


Early Bird: May 1st – June 3rd.  $45 adult / $30 kid – Guaranteed to receive a bucket and a shirt

Full Price: June 4th – June 14th - $50 adult / $35 kid – Not guaranteed to receive a bucket or a shirt

Register through the “Fish On” Tournament App – www.reeltimeapps.com


  • Fishing lines in the water no earlier than 7:00 a.m. June 17th, 2023. Fishing lines out of the water no later than 3:00 p.m. June 17th, 2023.
  • All fish must be caught by hook and line by the registered angler.
  • All fish must be caught within inshore waters of Palm Beach or Martin County, i.e., anglers must fish west of the eastern-most end of inlet jetties.
  • All participants must abide by State of Florida Fishing Laws and Regulations. Only legal-sized fish may be entered in the Harvest Competition. Note: children under 16 may be exempt from the fishing license requirement. Go to www.myfwc.com for more details. We recommend anglers download the Fish Rules App (www.fishrulesapp.com), which provides recreational saltwater fishing regulations in an easy-to-use interface. 
  • It is the responsibility of every participating angler and their guardian to know, understand and abide by the tournament rules during this competition. Any participant who deliberately violates these rules will immediately be disqualified. Only registered anglers are eligible for points and any potential qualifying prizes. 
  • Anglers and their guardians are solely responsible for their safety during the tournament, and this should be the first consideration in all aspects of this competition. 
  • Any intentional cheating, harassing of other anglers, or any other conduct determined by the tournament staff to be outside the spirit of good sportsmanship will not be tolerated and are grounds for disqualification and ejection from the tournament.
  • All photo submissions for the release competition must be made through the “Fish On” Tournament app (web or mobile). www.reeltimeapps.com. 
  • Anglers are encouraged to attend the Award Ceremony, but due to COVID may opt out of the event and have their award mailed or picked up later.
  • Individuals can only win in one competition and may only win one prize. If an individual qualifies for more than one prize, the largest prize will be awarded.


All adult anglers will compete together with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place being given for the heaviest fish of any of the below species.  All junior anglers (under the age of 18) will compete equally. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be given to the heaviest of each of the following species:


Crevalle Jack

Snapper (any species)

Grunt (any Species) 

An overall grand prize will be given for the heaviest fish overall to a junior angler (i.e., among weighed fish) for the Harvest Competition.  Adults are excluded from the Grand Prize.  This tournament aims to encourage children to spend time outside and enjoy fishing as recreation.

Weigh station for the Harvest Competition will open at 2:00 p.m. and close at 4:00 p.m.  Any angler(s) in line to weigh their fish at 4:00 pm will have their fish weighed and be eligible for awards. 

Each angler can weigh only one fish per category (e.g., 1 sheepshead, 1 crevalle jack, 1 snapper, and 1 grunt). 


Anglers in the Release Competition will receive points for catching any of the species listed on the following page. Species not listed in the Release Competition Species List will not be counted for points.  

Each angler will receive 3 points for each species caught. Each angler also will receive 1 point for each individual fish caught. Only individual fish of the species in the Release Competition Species List will be counted. An individual angler may receive credit for a maximum of 25 individuals per included species. 

Example: Angler catches 2 mangrove snappers, 1 checkered puffer, 1 lookdown, and 1 sheepshead.  

  • 1 point for each fish caught = 5
  • 3 points for each species (4 different species) = 12
  • Total points = 17

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for each age category. Winners will be determined by the greatest number of points per angler per age category.

Age Categories

  • 6 years and under
  • 7-12 years
  • 13-17 years
  • Adult (18+)

Angler must submit an acceptable photograph of each individual fish entered in the Release Competition.  

An acceptable photograph includes: the face of the angler, the fish with identifying parts showing (dorsal fin, tail fin, eye, base of tail, stripes or other markings) and the tournament logo (t-shirt, bracelet or lanyard).  Please take photo as close to the subjects (angler & fish) as possible for proper identification.  Anglers should submit their photos regularly throughout the day using the Fish On app.

All catches will be reviewed, verified, and tallied in a timely manner.  Photo submission will close at 4 p.m. Any photos and/or catches submitted after 4:00 pm will not be used to determine Release Competition points. 

Photos will be reviewed by fish experts and all decisions by Tournament personnel are final.

Release Competition Species List

Only the following species will count in the release competition:

  1. Barracuda
  2. Bonefish
  3. Bluefish
  4. Catfish
    1. Hardhead Catfish
    2. Sailfin Catfish
  5. Checkered Puffer
  6. Flounder
  7. Groupers
    1. Black grouper
    2. Coney 
    3. Gag grouper
    4. Goliath grouper
    5. Graysby 
    6. Red grouper
    7. Red hind 
    8. Rock hind 
    9. Scamp 
  8. Grunts
    1. Porkfish
    2. Sailor’s Choice
    3. White Grunt
    4. French Grunt
    5. Blue striped Grunt
    6. White Grunt
    7. Tomtate
    8. Cottonwick
  9. Irish Pompano
  10. Jacks
    1. Bluerunner
    2. Crevalle Jack
    3. Horseeye Jack
  11. Ladyfish
  12. Lookdown (moonfish)
  13. Margate
    1. Black Margate
    2. White Margate 
  14. Pompano
  15. Redfish
  16. Snappers  
    1. Cubera snapper
    2. Dog snapper
    3. Gray (Mangrove) snapper
    4. Lane snapper
    5. Mutton snapper
    6. Red snapper
    7. Schoolmaster snapper
    8. Yellowtail snapper
  17. Snook
    1. Common snook
    2. Fat snook
    3. Swordspine snook
    4. Tarpon snook
  18. Spotted Seatrout
  19. Sheepshead
  20. Tarpon
  21. Yellowfin Mojarra


Anglers and their families are invited to attend the award ceremony at the River Center following the tournament.  Please see below for a schedule of the event.  Participants may purchase food at the food trucks.  Arts & Crafts, Bounce House and Fishing Skills are additional activities for children to enjoy (free) during the event.  Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety of their children. 


Catch Photo Submission – anglers must submit their release catches using the Fish On app. Release submissions will close promptly at 4:00 pm. Please submit your catches as you catch them. 

Weigh Station – the weigh station will be open for harvested fish from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. 

Catch Verification – tournament staff will verify all catch and weight statistics by 5:30 pm

Awards Dinner – 5-6:30 p.m.

Enjoy music and scrumptious food available for purchase at food trucks provided by Food Shack

Raffle Drawing – 6:30 – 7 p.m.

Award Ceremony – 7 – 8 p.m. Find out if you are taking home the Grand Prize!