2022 MRMTC Club Championship

2022 MRMTC Club Championship

May 1 - November 30, 2022

Tournament Rules

The MRMTC Trustees are excited to introduce a new club competition for all members. The goal of the Club Championship is to recognize and congratulate the MRMTC member who demonstrates expertise in catching quality fish from multiple species both offshore and Inshore. 

The tournament will run from May 1 to November 30. All catches are from boats leaving and returning directly to Manasquan Inlet. Fish as often as you can. Have your fish weighed on a certified scale and submit the MRMTC Weigh slip to WIN@mrmtc.com or using the MRMTC App. 

Tournament format: 14 species are eligible – Bigeye Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Longfin Tuna, Mahi, Wahoo, Tilefish, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Bass, Fluke, Sea Bass, Blackfish, & Bluefish 

For each species the top 10 by weight (except for white & blue marlin) will be listed. Points are assigned by rank number: 1 – 10 points, 2 – 9 points, 3 – 8 points, 4 –7 points, 5 – 6 points, 6 – 5 points, 7 – 4 points, 8 – 3 points, 9 – 2 points, 10 – 1 point. Marlin will be ranked by total releases for season with single fish ranked by date and time of release – earlier day and time ranking higher. 

Catch will be credited to member listed on weigh slip. The member with the most total points for all 14 species will be the winner. 

The Club Championship is available to all members. All members in good standing are automatically registered to fish. Only MRMTC members or nonmember guests are eligible to fish. A member may fish on a member or non-member boat. When fishing on a non-member boat, the member must be the angler for a fish to qualify. When fishing on a member boat, the member must be on board at the time of the catch for that catch to be eligible for award consideration. Fish caught on a member’s boat during a non-member charter trip are not eligible for award consideration regardless of who the angler is. Fish caught by a member who is being paid as a crew member, i.e., a mate, captain, etc. during the course of a fishing trip, are not eligible for consideration. 

Members are encouraged to submit as many weigh slips as possible. For each species the two heaviest fish will be listed if sufficient to qualify. In case of a tie for a rank place the number of weigh slips for that member for that species will be used with greater number of fish weighed getting the higher ranked spot.