Milican Reserve December 2022

Milican Reserve December 2022

December 3 - December 3, 2022


Tournament Rules

  1. 1. Two angler teams set before each tournament.
  2. 2. Five largest fish for each two angler team..
  3. 3. Any lure, soft plastic, and scent maybe used during tournament. No bait, dead or alive..
  4. 4. Judges will be located around the lake. It is the team’s responsibility to have fished weighed and ensure the team number and weight is recorded correctly..
  5. 5. Fishing boundaries must be obeyed for each tournament..
  6. 6. Teams are allowed to check-in any time during a tournament. Also team may leave early, but notify a judge or tournament director..
  7. 7. Points awarded.
  8. 8. Remember points for team accumulate for the Highlander Inshore Championship..
  9. 9. All bass count, there is not a required length.
  10. 10. -5 no landed fish rule. If your team does not weigh a bass your team will receive -5 of the last scoring team. For instance, if the last team with a fish has 91 points, your team will receive 86..
  11. 11. The possible canceling of tournament due to weather will be made by end of the school day Friday. To be immediately updated for messages please signup for the following REMIND 101: Text: @7b9c27 To: 81010.
  12. 12. Must be academically eligible to fish..
  13. 13. Must have all release forms signed to fish..
  14. 14. Wear fishing clothing such as PFGs, TWHS, or sponsor shirt. A team will be deducted three points for each angler not dressed appropriately..
  15. 15. Five day no fishing period at venue before tournament.
  16. 16. Contact a judge or coach when leaving a tournament (sick, tired, etc.).
  17. 17. Clothing must stay on during tournament..
  18. 18. No swimming or wading in tournament water..
  19. 19. Keep the pond clean. No throwing trash into the water or around the pond..
  20. 20. At Houston Oaks all barbs must be pinched. This is for the protection of the bass requested by the venue..
  21. 21. Handle all bass with respect within standard tournament rules. Gentle care as all fish are released,.
  22. 22. Parents must stay 50 feet away from their student angler (child or children). No coaching, putting on lures, or helping your angler(s) in any form during the time of an inshore tournament. Automatic five point deduction for any infraction..
  23. 23. Judges must refer any student angler (your child) with a fish to another volunteer judge. If there is not another judge in the area bring in an outside confirmation of weight: a volunteer, parent, or angler from another inshore team..