Dally’s All Species Odyssey

Dally’s All Species Odyssey

June 4 - June 5, 2022

Tournament Rules

  1. This is a fly fishing only tournament. All fish must be caught using fly rod, fly line and reel and fly. Soft plastics are specifically excluded.
  2. Two Man teams. Teams must stay together. $170 entry fee per team.
  3. Try to catch as many of the 30 species as possible during fishing hours. Saturday. Noon to 8pm and Sunday 6am-12 midday.
  4. The most species caught wins. In the event of a tie each will have its own points scale and total points breaks the tie. SPECIES LIST.
  5. Teams must have a clear photo of each fish with control item in the picture. All picture must be sent via our official Odyssey app
  6. Any photos submitted after days end will not be counted. No Night Fishing Photos Accepted.
  7. Safe handling of fish at all times. All fish must be released back into the water. Photos of fish on dirt, rocks, sand etc will not be counted in the team tally.
  8. JUDGES have final ruling on all photo entries.Judges also will approve all entries & team names.
  9. Teams may use an boats or watercraft. No outside fishing assistance permitted
  10. Teams can fish anywhere in Arkansas public waters.
  11. All teams must attend the Awards event to claim prizes. The winners will be announced at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher 1pm Sunday.
  12. All teams must abide by all Arkansas Game and Fish Commission fishing regulations.