2021 Wisconsin Carp Championship

2021 Wisconsin Carp Championship

June 4 - June 6, 2021

Tournament Rules

2021 Wisconsin Carp Championship 

Date:         Saturday June 5th & Sunday June 6th, 2021

Venue:        West Twin & East Twin Rivers, City of Two Rivers, WI

Organizers:     Wisconsin Carp Championship

Prize List:  Entry fee is $300 per Angler, with $50 due at time of sign-up. Cash Prizes will be a minimum total of $250 of each Angler’s Entry Fees (40 Anglers = $10,000). The remaining $50 will be used to (a) cover the banking fees, organizers resources & equipment expenses, any incidental organization expenses, and (b) as a donation to Team USA Carp Squad (USAC 501c charitable status)

Tournament Format:  The 2021 WI CC is a “Big 5” event. See Page 3 for more information. 

Peg Drawing: 6:00 am June 5th at Veterans Park, 18th St., Two Rivers, WI

The rules for this competition have been created to ensure full compliance with WI DNR Regulations, and ensure the safety of each angler, spectators and the fish, while giving an equal chance for any angler to win. The Organizers sincerely appreciate all anglers and spectators in attendance, and hope they find the competition interesting and fun. More details on catch & release Carp fishing at the WI CC Facebook page: (https://www.facebook.com/wisconsincarpchampionship).  

  1. All anglers must hold a valid WI fishing license. All pre-fishing must end along the venue & within the Two Rivers City limits at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 2nd; any competitor fishing after this time & before the competition start (unless authorized by Organizer) will be disqualified, and their entry fees forfeited.

  1. All anglers must have pre-registered & have paid $50 deposit before the Meet & Greet, Friday June 4th. The remaining $250 Entry Fee must be fully paid by check (see payment details below) mailed to the WI CC Organizer Address by May 21, or in cash on June 4th at the Anglers Meet & Greet Event (details TBA).  NO payments will be accepted after the Anglers Meet & Greet. This event will be limited to 50 anglers.

  1. This is a catch-and-release competition; no fish will be weighed unless it was caught fairly, has been handled safely, and is witnessed as released alive.  Any angler found attempting to weigh in fish that are dead, snagged, foul-hooked (hook is in a part of the fish’s body more than 2 inches from the mouth), retained in their vehicle prior to the competition start, or caught by any other unfair means will be disqualified from the competition.  Any Angler found with Fish Retention & Transportation Equipment, or in control of a Vehicle equipped to transport fish, shall be reported to the Police and WI DNR Authorities and disqualified from the competition.  The Weigh Officials’ decision in all cases shall be final.

  1. Only Carp can be weighed in and counted for any awards or prizes.  All other fish (including Game Fish) do not count and must be returned immediately to the water. Anyone attempting to retain a Game Fish will be disqualified from the competition.

  1. There will be a random, fixed peg draw.  Only one peg can be drawn on the day.  Anglers will draw each day for their peg before the competition starts; the number will indicate the peg where they must fish.  Each angler must fish and place all their fishing equipment within a rod-length (13 feet) either side of their peg.  The Weigh Officials will attempt to prevent spectators from getting in your way.  Your discretion, tact and good sense as Ambassadors for Carp fishing are appreciated; please be prepared to answer questions and allow photographs. 

  1. Big Carp are hard-fighting fish; there may be a need for an angler to leave their peg location momentarily, to control a fish that is running parallel to the bank.  Please be considerate of other anglers; try and avoid fighting your fish in their pegged areas. Adjacent pegged anglers are encouraged to help an angler with a big fish by removing their lines from the water while the fish is fought. 

  1. Anglers may leave their pegged area to answer a call of nature; the angler must reel in all lines before leaving. If the angler wishes to leave during the competition, they need to record their leaving time with the Official and remove all equipment from their pegged area.

  1. No boats, bait-boats, wading, use of electronic depth & fish finders, floatation devices or swimming (except in an emergency!); fishing from the shoreline only. Exception – an angler can enter the water by authorization from a Weigh Official or Neighboring Angler, to free a fish caught in a snag, weed or otherwise in distress or possible danger.  Please ensure that you receive a verbal authorization from the Neighboring Angler or Official before you enter the water. 

  1. Only 3 rods per angler may be used at any time, with 1 single hook per rod. Hooks can be no larger than a size 2.  Hooks larger than a size 2, multiple hooks, double or treble hooks, any other hook systems except hair rigs, and hooks with an oversized barb are not allowed.  Weigh Officials have the right to disallow fish caught on any other type of hook; Weigh Officials decision in all such cases will be final.  Anglers can use 1 additional rod for controlling a marker float; no fish hooks can be attached to any part of the line on this rod.  Anglers can have additional rods pre-rigged at the peg; but they can only have a maximum of three baits in the water at any time. Any angler found breaking these rules or fishing or attempting to fish in an unsportsmanlike way will be disqualified from the competition.  Fish can only be counted if they have been struck and played to the net by the same angler; the only assistance an angler can receive is from another person netting the fish.  In the event of 2 or 3 fish hooked at the same time, the Weigh Official may elect to help safely recover the 2nd or 3rd fish; these fish will not count for the anglers’ top 5 weight.


  1. Required for each angler: a well-padded unhooking mat, a carp-specific weigh sling, at least 2 mesh UK/Euro style, approved & well ventilated carp sacks (for retaining fish in the water before weighing), and a soft, knotless mesh “fish friendly” landing net of the appropriate size & capable of dead-lifting a 50-lb. fish up an 8-foot-high wall.  Anglers will not be allowed to count fish towards their total if they do not have a suitable mat, weigh sling, 2 carp sacks, and landing net.  In an emergency, and without a spare carp-sack, the angler can retain his catch momentarily by placing the landing net or weigh sling and fish back in the water. Please make sure that you have a neighboring angler as a witness to the reason for this emergency retention.  Anglers are encouraged to share carp sacks where needed. 

  1. No breaking of the water is allowed before the start of the competition, except to check depth, position marker float, wet nets, unhooking mats and carp-sacks.  Anglers can draw a small amount of water in a bucket, to wet unhooking mats and carp-sacks. 

  1. The competition will start promptly on each day at the advertised time; fishing time will be signaled by one long blast on a car horn or by Weigh Officials. The fishing period will last a maximum of 10 hours, with competition close announced by three blasts on a car horn or Weigh Stewards. All fishing lines must be removed promptly at the end of the competition. Any angler playing a fish when the competition end is announced must call out and signal “Fish On”. The angler will have a maximum of 15 minutes to play the fish in and net it; timekeeping will be the responsibility of the nearest Weigh Official; the Weigh Officials decision will be final. 

  1. Baits allowed are; human food-quality baits such as bread, corn, beans, carp-safe boiled baits (boilies), pellet and paste baits, etc. The rule here is that the angler must be prepared to taste the bait, to prove it is safe for the fish! In addition, anglers can use natural baits; worms, nightcrawlers, maggots, mealworms, waxworms, etc. A maximum of One artificial bait, attached to each hair rig system (e.g. artificial corn, boilie, zig bug, etc.) can be used, but no spoons, plugs, jigs, or other metal lures can be used. No live or dead whole or cut fish, stink baits or other smelly catfish-type baits are allowed! Weigh Officials have the right to inspect all baits, and disallow any bait they deem illegal, offensive or dangerous.

  1. Standard Carp-Safe rigs including a MANDATORY Hair Rigged Hook are the ONLY Carp rigs allowed; all rigs should include either a Safety Clip or allow the lead/sinker to easily slide over knots in the case of an Inline, Helicopter, or Zig rig.  All rigs can be inspected by Weighing Officials; any unsafe rigs found must be changed immediately, or the angler will be disqualified.  Weigh Officials decision will be final.

  1. Please bait intelligently; excess feed offerings will lead to WI DNR Littering Fines and tackle confiscation. This is a precautionary measure, due to the Round Goby overpopulation problem in local Lake Michigan waters. If in any doubt about any element of Rule 14, please speak to the Organizers before the event about guidelines and baiting advice.

  1. The WI CC is a “Big 5” event.  Only the 5 largest fish caught over the 2 (two) days of the tournament will count towards the angler’s final weight.  It will be up to the Angler to decide which fish to weigh; use your best judgment to save yourself time and hassle by only weighing fish that could have a positive impact on your final weight.  Weigh Officials reserve the right to not weigh and record fish that are clearly too small to impact your largest 5 total after the Angler has recorded their first 5 fish for that day.   

  1. Weighing System – Each angler’s fish will be recorded by the Weigh Official, on their Scales Sheet (this may be an Online App) with peg number, exact weight, type (Common or Mirror Carp), and time caught.  The angler will then be asked to sign that the information has been correctly recorded on the Scales Sheet or confirm that the Online App is correct (check your name & peg #).  The angler will then be asked to fill out their Angler Record Sheet; the Weigh Official will check both records and sign the Angler Record Sheet.  It is each angler’s ultimate responsibility for ensuring that his/her fish is recorded accurately.  At the end of the competition each day, compare your Record Sheet with the Board at the Competition HQ / Online App Leaderboard; in the event of any discrepancies, please notify the Organizer or Weigh Official immediately, within 2 hours of the end of the competition day.  The Organizer and Weigh Official will examine the Angler’s Record Sheet, the Scales Record Sheet / Online App Leaderboard, and will advise the angler of the discrepancy found and update the Online App Leaderboard and any other documentation as appropriate.  In all cases, the Organizers decision shall be final and binding. Only the angler’s 5 largest fish will be counted towards Tournament Prizes; a minimum weight limit of 15, 18, or 20 lbs. will be advised to the anglers, prior to the 1st Day Draw

  1. In the event of a tie for the “Big 5” weight awards & prizes, the angler with the biggest single fish shall be judged the winner.  In the event of a tie for the weight of a single fish award or prize, the two anglers will share any money prize and the award of trophy and/or equipment will be decided by a coin toss, winner can elect to receive either the trophy OR the equipment, the loser will receive what’s left, if anything.

  1. A Runner (angler’s guest) can be with the angler at their designated peg, to support the angler by netting fish, assisting the Weigh Officials with the weighing and recording of fish, and by releasing fish safely back to the water.  In addition, the runner can leave the peg at any time, to fetch food and drink, carry the angler’s gear, and liaise with spectators, the Weigh Team, and Media Representatives.  The runner cannot bait the hook for the angler, cast out, or otherwise touch the fishing rod until the fish is netted; at that point, the runner may move the rod and net out of the way.  

  1. Anglers are responsible for their own property, safety and liability for any damage or injury to others.  The Organizer of this competition, the Sponsors, and the City of Two Rivers waive all liability for any personal loss or injury, however caused; this is an “enter-at-your-own-risk” event.  Look behind you before you cast! 

  1. If the event needs to be cancelled prior to the start, due to extreme weather conditions (e.g. Tornado warning, etc.); all paid anglers will be refunded their fees, less their percentage share of the cost of any administration charges that cannot be recovered by the Organizer. In the event of an extreme weather cancellation after the start, the event will be deemed to have been completed and prizes will be paid, if 5 or more anglers have registered fish, prior to the cancellation announcement.