The Masters Angling Tournament

March 1 - March 4, 2021

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03/09/21 @ 10:09 AM

Offield Wins the 58th Masters

Congratulations to Chase Offield on his Masters win! The angler from Laguna Beach, California bested his peers with 1175 points overall.

Official press releases will be forthcoming but for those that played along this week on our brand new APP we offer our thanks!!

Pictured below...Chris Lazzara (Vice Chairman), Carmine Galati (Chairman), Chase Offield (2021 Master Angler) and PK Offield (future angler).

03/04/21 @ 12:23 PM

Day Three Update

Chase Offield finally got the skunk out of the box and passed 1000 points just after noon. Frankie B is putting on the heat with a couple fish today and under 3 minute fight times for a better scoring average. This place is totally up for grabs!!

Alex and Rick are still locked in a family battle..each with one fish today and Alex in the lead overall by 45 points.

Roger and Karen Comstock each have fish today..Rodger moved up to 465 overall as of noon and Karen's one fish has her up by 5 points. Congrats to Karen on moving into the Bronze Rybovich Achievement level during this event!!

Here's to better action as afternoon fishing continues!

Mar 04 @ 3:55 PM

Brian Kirkpatrick

Brian Kirkpatrick released a 4:01 to 4:30.

Mar 04 @ 3:53 PM

John Temple

John Temple released a 3:01 to 3:30.

Mar 04 @ 3:51 PM

Lach Cheatham

Lach Cheatham released a 2:01 to 3:00.

Mar 04 @ 3:32 PM

Chase Offield

Chase Offield released a 2:31 to 3:00.

Mar 04 @ 3:30 PM

Jonathan Guarisco

Jonathan Guarisco released a 4:01 to 4:30.

Mar 04 @ 3:28 PM

Karen Comstock

Karen Comstock released a 4:01 to 4:30.

Mar 04 @ 3:23 PM

Chris Lazzara

Chris Lazzara released a 1:31 to 2:00.

Mar 04 @ 3:19 PM

Jonathan Guarisco

Jonathan Guarisco released a 3:31 to 4:00.