IABA's Big Catch Classic

IABA's Big Catch Classic

June 15 - September 10, 2021

Tournament Rules


The IABA BIG CATCH CLASSIC is an individual BIGGEST CATCH competition with multiple target species.  All entries must be through the Fish On Tournament App. 

All announcements will be made to participants via the FISH ON App. This tournament only accepts participants via FISH ON App registration, with credit/debit payments accepted only. 

Anglers may submit entries from any approved public waters listed in the Northern Alaska Region of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game regulations.  All fish must be hooked and landed according to Northern Alaska Department of Fish & Game regulations. 

Safe handling of fish is required at all times. Photos of fish on dirt, rocks, vegetation, sand etc. will not be counted in the individual tally. Display of poor sportsmanship, animal cruelty or disregard for ADF&G regulations are grounds for disqualification.

Derby Participants must legibly display their derby ticket and fish scale to qualify for prizes. Ticket number and fish length must be clearly visible to all viewers. Every fish an angler wishes to score must have a clear picture of the fish, tape derby ticket, and location data submitted via the Fish On App by close of competition. Any photos submitted after midnight July 15th will not count.

Individuals may use watercraft such as kayaks, SUP paddle boards, canoes, or boats. Anglers may also fish from land.

Applicable prizes will be presented at a designated time and location. In the event of a tie the fish submitted first will be used to break a tie. The BIG CATCH CLASSIC COMMITTEE has final ruling on all entries, including species identification and tie breaking authority.

Winners will be notified at the conclusion of the tournament.

Participants and/or winners acknowledge that their pictures and prizes may be announced on social media and through Event Sponsors, IABA Members, and press.

Registering indicates your willingness to abide by the BIG CATCH CLASSIC rules and code of conduct. Failure to do so will mean disqualification from prizes and forfeiture of entry fee.

CODE OF CONDUCT – All anglers must have a derby ticket. All anglers must have a valid fishing license and are responsible to know the Regulations put forth by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G). 

Anglers must adhere to bag & limit regulations as assigned by ADF&G. Anglers (adults & minors) must hook and play every fish unaided, except for netting. See 'sport fishing' as defined in 2020 Northern Alaska ADF&G regulations; dip netting, set nets, and fish wheels do not qualify. Anglers in violation of ADF&G Regulations will be automatically disqualified.

Contestants are urged to display sportsmanlike conduct at all times; anglers who display unsportsmanlike conduct and/or contestants who interfere with other anglers in any manner will be subject to immediate disqualification. Please handle your fish responsibly and practice humane catch and release tactics. Contact ADF&G to learn more about responsible fish handling in advance of the Derby. 

Any angler who participates in or causes foul play will be disqualified immediately upon report and without further notice. The Interior Alaska Building Association, its Directors, staff and volunteers, reserve the right disqualify participants for violating the code of conduct. 

Refunds will not be made to ticket holders related to or in connection with disqualified entries, contestants, derby participants, and ticket holders who fail to comply with the code of conduct.

All members of the public and the Interior Alaska Building Association, its Board of Directors, derby sponsors and their employees are eligible to participate as contestants in the derby. 

WEIGH IN/MEASUREMENTS - Fish Entries must be submitted by the registered angler. 

Official measurements will be provided by Anglers when submitting their catch in the FISH ON App. Entry times will be noted; the fish submitted first acts as a tiebreaker. Pictures will be submitted of all anglers and their fish, with clearly legible measuring tape.  All contestants will be asked to provide general vicinity of their catch.

PUBLICITY - The Interior Alaska Building Association reserves the right to the submitted photographs of all derby entrants, contestants, participants, and ticket holders and reproduce any photographs for publicity purposes. The Interior Alaska Building Association retains all rights to photos.

Participation accepted only on these conditions.

WAIVER -The Interior Alaska Building Association, its Staff, its Board of Directors, and others participating in the sponsorship of this derby accept no responsibility for damages or injuries sustained by contestants/participants/ticket holders.

As a condition of and in consideration of the acceptance of their entries therein, all contestants and their guardian(s) shall be deemed to agree and assume all risks of injury to the competitor's property and person, resulting from, caused by, or connected with the facility, location(s), conduct, and management of the competition. Contestants agree to release any and all claims which they may have against officials, the Interior Alaska Building Association, its staff, its Board of Directors, and organizations that take part in the sponsorship of this derby.

Participation accepted only on these conditions.

PRIZES – All entries and awarding of prizes are subject to review and final determination by the BIG CATCH CLASSIC COMMITTEE. THE DECISIONS OF THE BIG CATCH CLASSIC COMMITTEE ARE FINAL IN ANY CONTESTED MATTER. Prize winners are responsible for taxes and fees associated with prize winnings. Prizes may be subject to withholding based on IRS requirements. Prize winners will receive a receipt and the Interior Alaska Building Association will receive a signed receipt from each prize winner.

SCORING RULES - All scores are based on length of fish. Use of a Bump board or other easy-to-read measuring device is encouraged to get accurate measurements.  Cloth tapes or other non-rigid means of measuring will not count.

Longest fish in each category wins. Top three fish in each category win cash prizes. Additional prizes may be available throughout the summer based on sponsorships.

Each angler may only have one winning fish per category. Anglers may enter multiple categories.

In addition to each category, the angler that catches the most variety of fish throughout the season will win a special prize. 

In the event of a tie, the first fish submitted wins.


SPECIES CATEGORIES (for cash prizes) - 




Rainbow Trout

Whitefish- Includes Sheefish, Humpback, Least Cisco

Char- Includes Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, Lake Trout

King Salmon

Other Salmon- Silver, Chum, Red, Pink

NOTE:  In the Whitefish and Char categories, any of the listed species count toward the largest fish in that category. 

CASH PRIZE VALUES - First place = $100.00; Second place = $75 Third place = $50.00

VARIETY CATEGORY (special prize award, TBA by Sponsor) -

One of each species caught will count toward the total number of different fish caught in the Most Variety category.