River Center Junior Angler Tournament

River Center Junior Angler Tournament

June 30 - August 1, 2020


Tournament Rules

• All participants must abide by State of Florida Fishing Laws and Regulations. Note: children under 16 are exempt from the fishing license requirement. Go to www.myfwc.com for more details. We recommend anglers download www.fishrulesapp.com, which provides recreational saltwater fishing regulations in an easy to use interface.

• All fish must be caught by hook and line. No more than 2 hooks per line may be used (e.g., fish caught on sabiki rigs with more than 2 hooks may not be entered).

• Bait fish Species must be a minimum of 3 inches to qualify for points. Anything smaller will not be considered in judging. Examples of Bait fish include: Sardines, Silversides, Pinfish, Mojarras, Herring, Mullet, Shad, etc.

Species Limits: Participants will receive points for up to 25 fish for each individual species during the tournament.

o Example: Each angler will receive points for a maximum of 25 individuals of a given species. If an angler reports catching 50 largemouth bass, the angler will receive credit for the first 25 largemouth bass.

• Tournament boundaries are all freshwater and saltwater in Martin County and Palm Beach County.