Pirate's Cove Sailfish Classic

December 5 - December 8, 2019


Tournament Rules

This is a fun tournament and all participants are expected to fish in a sportsmanlike manner and to follow IGFA Regulations as well as the following additions. Please pay special attention to the “circle hook only” rule amendment (15.4).

  1. Minimum Boat Size: 30 feet LOA. Final determination of boat eligibility will be at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.
  2. Tournament fishing will begin at 8:30 a.m. All entrants must check out each day by radio with the Committee Boat before entering the ocean. Inside sea buoy start at if going North Ft. Pierce cross roads, at 7:00 a.m. Tournament fishing will stop at 3:30 p.m. All boats inside Crossroads by 5:00pm will be considered on time.
  3. A sailfish hook-up must be called into the “Committee Boat” as soon as possible on VHF channel 73. If unable to reach “Committee Boat” by VHF radio, then releases can be called in by cell phone. The “Committee Boat” will validate your hook-up by announcement. Any cell phone releases called in will be relayed over the VHF radio. All boats must have a VHF radio. The “Committee Boat” will then verify your information by announcement and give you a release time, which must be recorded on your daily catch affidavit and turned in at the end of the fishing day, with your video evidence. If you lose your fish prior to release (i.e. jump-off, pulled hook, etc..) please inform the “Committee Boat” as soon as possible. The time stamp of the digital image is the official release time and must be within (plus or minus) fifteen (15) minutes of the time reported by radio to the “Committee Boat.” If the timestamp of the identification of the fish is over fifteen (15) minutes from the VHF call, then the release time will be moved to the time of the identification time.
  4. An official release will be credited when the swivel touches the rod tip for the first time, or the mate takes control of the leader. The digital image must have the colored flag of the day in view. THIS IS A SAILFISH RELEASE TOURNAMENT.
  5. All sailfish must be caught on dead bait or artificial lures. No live baiting or chumming permitted. Dead bait or artificial teasers without hooks are permitted.
  6. LEADER: The double line or wind-on leader, and the leader, shall not exceed 20 feet. The double line or wind-on leader may not exceed 15 feet in length.
  7. Dangerous boat operating during tournament, and especially in the inlet area will result in DISQUALIFICATION! No passing allowed between Sandsprit Park and the inlet.
  8. Backing down is permitted
  9. Tournament fishing area:
    1. Northern Boundary 27.50’.00 North
    2. Southern Boundary 26.46’.00 North
  10. Boats must leave and enter from St. Lucie Inlet or Ft. Pierce Inlet. All boats must return to Pirates Cove Resort by 5:00 pm. Boats west of the Cross Roads by 5:00 pm will be considered on time. Any late returns shall be penalized by deducting all fish caught for that day. Mechanical or electrical problems will not excuse a late return.
  11. No more than six lines fishing per boat. Spinning Reels are not allowed. Any fish hooked before 3:30 pm and reported to the Committee Boat may be fought until caught, but vessel must be in by 5:00 pm. Any fish hooked after 3:30 pm on any fishing day is ineligible.
  12. Sailfish catches must be reported to the Committee Boat as released. Boat name, angler name and time of release must be reported and fish number caught for video/camera. Releases may be relayed if Captain cannot reach Committee Boat.
  13. IGFA rules apply (see Attachment A).
  14. The angler or crew will furnish all tackle and line.
    1. LINE AND BACKING: 20lb line is the only line permitted in this tournament. Backing not attached to the fishing line is permissible with no restrictions as to size or material. If the fishing line is attached to the backing, the line will be classified under the heavier of the two lines.
    2. Double lines not required but are measured from the start of the knot, braid, rill or splice, making the double to the furthermost end of the knot, splice, snap, swivel or other device used for securing the trace, leader, lure or hook to the double line. The double line shall be limited to 15 feet.
    3. LEADER: The use of a leader is required. If one is used, it must meet the following specifications: The length of the leader is the overall length including any lure, hook arrangement is 15ft. There are no regulations regarding the material or strength of the leader. The combined length wind-on leader or double line, and the leader, shall not exceed 20 feet, including the hook.
    4. Single hook only.
    6. BAIT: Any natural dead bait or artificial lure may be used. Live bait is prohibited. Netting of bait is prohibited. Tossing of bait is prohibited.
    7. LINES & TEASERS: A Maximum of 8 (eight) lines per boat are permitted. 6 (six) lines with baits and 2 (two) teasers without rods. Teasers are permitted without hooks. Live teasers are not permitted. Teasers may be deployed from rod but with an electrical reel or kite rod with an electric reel. Teasers must come off the riggers.
    8. Neither teasers nor baits are allowed in the water until fishing starts at 8:30 a.m
    9. Boats can be dead in water or moving forward for the first hook up. If baits are left in the water for multiple hook ups, the boat CAN be backing down, but any fish caught must be hooked, fought and released from the cockpit. If baits are brought in, they may not be put back out until normal trolling is resumed. NO PITCH BAITING IS PERMITTED AT ANY TIME.
    10. Release is official when swivel touches the rod tip or mate takes control of the leader. Leader must cut as close to the fish as possible. Deliberate jerking or snatching of leader by mate to cause the leader to break will disqualify the fish.
    11. In the event of a multiple hookup, the angler may make use of the rod holder to hold the rod. NO REELING OF LINE CAN OCCUR FROM A ROD HOLDER DURING THE HOOKUP
  15. The total number of fish caught will determine winners regardless of the number of days fished (up to three).
  16. Only releases by registered anglers will count towards totals. Any registered anglers per boat, per day with no more than two (2) of those registered anglers being professional. Any points caught by professionals will count towards the overall results for the Treasure Coast Series. As defined by the Light Tackle Tournament, a professional is any person who has been paid for their professional services as a captain, mate or crew member while engaging in fishing within the last twelve (12) months.
  17. Scoring ties will be broken by the boat first achieving winning status as determined by the time recorded in daily catch logs. The numeric day of fishing for the boats in question will also be used to break scoring ties.
  18. Competing boats must honor and give fighting boats all the room necessary.
  19. Any protest must be filed in writing or by the angler on the observer’s daily log by 6:00 PM on the same day as the protested incident. A $200.00 protest binder must accompany all protests. This binder is refundable if the Rules Committee upholds the protest. All protests will be held confidential, and the Rules Committee’s decision WILL BE FINAL
  20. INLET: To maintain safety in a narrow channel, no passing between Sandsprit Park and the seaward side of the North/South breakwaters. A slower boat may, at its discretion, via Channel 73 VHF invite a faster boat to pass in the restricted area. Safe and gentleman-like conduct to and from Pirate’s Cove Marina is expected.
  21. PENALTY: Any boat disregarding rule 20 that is reported to the Committee Boat will have one fish deducted. Boats violating this rule may be penalized only if another boat files a protest in writing to the Rules Committee.
  22. Participants in the Pirate’s Cove Sailfish Classic enter at their own risk. Officials and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with the operations of the tournament shall be exempt from any liability for loss, damage, negligence, harm, or injury suffered to any participant, entrant, sportfisherman, their companions, boat captains, crew members, vessels and equipment which may occur during the tournament.
  23. All boats must carry Liability Insurance.
  24. Any Questions about our rules please contact
    Dave Berard at 772-341-3669