Northeast Offshore Cup

June 30 - August 31, 2019

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09/01/19 @ 11:27 AM

Final Standings

Final Official Standings:

1st Place = Rebel - 2600 Points

2nd Place = Castafari - 2375 Points

3rd Place = Miss Wilder - 2150 Points

08/30/19 @ 5:39 PM

Tournament Ends Tomorrow (Saturday, Aug 31, 11:59pm)

All Boats,

Please be advised, regardless of how many hours you have left, ALL boats must return to port by tomorrow, Saturday, Aug 31st @ 11:59pm to qualify for points.

Thank you and good luck!

08/24/19 @ 5:01 PM

Giant Bluefin Releases

All Boats,

If you are planning to fish for giant bluefin and planning to release them boat side, you must still follow the rules for the tournament as it relates to "Released Fish". These rules require the measurement of the fish clearly on video prior to release, which is very difficult to get accurate for giants to be clearly visible on video. The Offshore Cup was not designed around releasing giants in the water and points will only be rewarded on what we can see in the video, as this is the same criteria for all fish and points.

If you don't know them by now (you should!), these rules can be found on the back of your Trip Number cards, inside your tournament folder, online at https://www.offshorecup.com/trip-instructions, and here:


Video must be one continuous uninterrupted video at the time of catch.

1) Trip Number. All videos must display the Trip Number at some point in the video.

2) Identify & Measure. Identify and measure each fish. You DO NOT need to measure Marlin, but they should be CLEARLY identified on video. (TIP: Video as many fins and details to help identify.)

3) Leader & Release. Crew member touching leader or leader/swivel touching rod tip and then continue to show the FULL release, including the hook/line CLEARLY disconnected from the fish. (TIP: Keep video taping for approx. 10 seconds after the release to CLEARLY detail the fish is not connected anymore.)

Please call if you have any questions.

08/20/19 @ 10:22 AM

Tournament Ends Aug 31 @ 11:59pm

All Boats,

This message is a reminder that this year’s tournament ends Saturday, Aug 31st at 11:59pm.

Thank You

06/30/19 @ 6:44 PM

Calcutta Deadline

Reminder, today is the last day to enter Calcuttas!

06/30/19 @ 11:15 AM

All Boats

Please feel free to demo the app today and practice starting a trip. We will be deleting all demo trips before midnight tonight.

Offshore Cup

06/28/19 @ 9:56 PM

1-on-1 Captain's Call

All Boats,

By now you should have received your Captain's Package via Fedex.

This year, all boats are required to conduct a 10 minute 1-on-1 rules and instruction phone call, essentially a 1-on-1 Captain's Meeting, prior to your 1st Trip. This is to insure all boats are fully aware of all rules and procedures. We will also walk through the operation of the mobile app and make sure you are comfortable with the operation.

Please schedule a time with Ted this weekend by contacting him on his cell at 508-525-9213. You can call or text to arrange a time. Again, these Captain's Calls are mandatory for ALL boats prior to your first trip, even for boats who have fished in previous years.

Also, Calcuttas are now live and you can join by logging into your Team Dashboard at www.offshorecup.com. Deadline for entering Calcuttas is Sunday, June 30th.

Offshore Cup