Dally’s All Species Odyssey

June 01 - June 02, 2019

Tournament Rules


Competition hours: Saturday June 1, midday-8pm and Sunday 6am-1pm. Teams must check in at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher with secret item by 1.30pm Sunday

This is a fly fishing only tournament. All fish must be caught using fly rod, fly line and reel and fly. Soft plastics are specifically excluded.

Two person teams. Teams must fish together. 

Teams attempt to catch as many of the 30 species as possible during fishing hours. Species not on the list are non-scoring and do not count toward team total.

Every fish that a team wishes to score must have a clear picture of the fish, and the secret item, with location data sent via the App by close of fishing hours. Any photos submitted outside fishing hours will not be counted. No Night Fishing Photos Accepted.

The most species caught by a team wins. In the event of a tie the species points scale will be used to break a tie. 

Safe handling of fish at all times. All fish must be released back into the water. Photos of fish on dirt, rocks, sand etc will not be counted in the team tally.

JUDGES have final ruling on all photo entries, including species identification.

Teams may use boats or watercraft.

Teams must not fish adjoining State waters or fish outside Arkansas state lines. All Arkansas public waters are open to fishing. No private waters allowed.

All teams must attend the Awards event to claim prizes. The winners will be announced at Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher 1.45 pm Sunday.

All teams must abide by all Arkansas Game and Fish Commission fishing regulations.

Signing the entry form indicates your willingness to abide by the Odyssey rules. Failure to do so will mean disqualification from prizes and forfeiture of entry fee.