Ed French Open

October 18 - October 22, 2017

Tournament Rules

  1. Teams awarded prizes for highest combined weight of 6 largest carp (common or mirror)
  2. Teams of two or three permitted; six rods per team, one hook per rod
  3. No going to your peg on Wednesday, October 18 after 6:00 PM. If you do, you will get a red card and will be immediately removed from the tournament and your money will not be refunded back to you.
  4. Must posess a NYS fishing license
  5. Be a Wild Carp Club Member - Can pay $20 Membership Dues at Registration (per angler)
  6. Proper carp care is required, including use of landing mats, catch and release angling, and use of holding sacks when awaiting marshals
  7. Weigh marshal must weigh your catch, record your score and witness the release of each fish
  8. Anglers must sign the weigh marshal scoresheet for each recorded weight and weigh marshal must sign the anglers scoresheet for the recorded weight
  9. No Pre-baiting
  10. Always maintain good sportsmanship while competing against fellow anglers
  11. Teams must have landed six carp to qualify for section prizes
  12. All fish must be at least 15 lb, 0 oz or greater to qualify for the Big 6 total
  13. Be prepared to have enough carp-friendly holding bags to accommodate at least 6 fish; limit of 3 fish per large holding bag