The MidAtlantic

The MidAtlantic

August 15 - August 20, 2021

Pipe Dreamer

70' Viking
  • Bryan Boyle

  • Spencer Counterman

Hayden Brown
Carmine Caruso
Andy Confortini
Robbie Inglima
Jeremy Liedtka
Gary Lippincott
Calcutta Entered
Home Port Calcutta - Ocean City
MidAtlantic Overall Calcutta
In Deep Overall Calcutta
White Marlin Pro Jackpot
Blue Marlin Pro Jackpot
Tuna Pro Jackpot Calcutta
Tuna, Dolphin & Wahoo Calcutta
On the Board Reward Calcutta
Ocean City, MD
Entry Fee
Activity Feed

Aug 18 @ 5:35 PM

Pipe Dreamer

Carmine Caruso weighed a 235.0 lbs tuna

Aug 18 @ 5:38 PM

Pipe Dreamer

Andy Confortini weighed a 227.0 lbs tuna