64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

June 10 - June 19, 2022


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Day 4 RECAP!

255 of 266 boats competed on Day 4 of the 64th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, presented by Jarrett Bay Boatworks. The fleet racked up 38 Blue Marlin, 23 White Marlin, 1 Spearfish and 3 Sailfish releases. HAPHAZARD captured the Gregory Poole Marline First Release of the Day earning them $5,000 right off-the-bat for a White Marlin released at 9:14AM.

IRENE captured the Level IX: Non-Sonar Release prize worth $42,854.17, taking the lead in that division’s weekly release points. If they hold on to their spot, they could take home an additional $129,625.

SAFARI claimed the Level VIII Daily Release prize worth $37,541.67. WAVE PAVER still leads that division with a projected payout of $111,562.5.

CAROLINA TIME dominated the scales with a 54.1lb. dolphin. They are currently in the lead in the Dolphin Winner Take All division with a payout of $527,000. MEMORIES landed in 2nd Place for the Daily Dolphin prize worth $1,000.

DOC FEES captured $2,000 for a 48.7lb Wahoo. SALLY GIRL brought in a 46.3lb. ‘Hoo earning $1,000.

2 Blue Marlin were brought to the scales. MISS WY drew a crowd to Big Rock Landing as they weighed a 454.1lb. BM. Angler, Robert Rodelsperger, is the father of the young, but talented Big Rock KIDS Tournament artist, Allie Rodelsperger.

BREAKWATER’S 427.8lb. fish didn’t make the leaderboard but it did pump the crowd up at the scales!