62nd Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

June 08 - June 13, 2020

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06/12/20 @ 7:10 PM


The FIVE hour FIGHT was worth the WAIT (& weight) for the crew of four! The 35' Contender outboard, PELAGIC HUNTER II of Sneads Ferry, tops the leaderboard in 1st Place with a 495.2-pound blue marlin, caught by Riley Adkins. PELAGIC HUNTER II is registered in Level I, Level II, VI, and the Outboard Level. Congratulations to PELAGIC HUNTER II!

Totals were up from yesterday- 17 blue marlins, 3 sailfish, and 5 white marlin released (unofficially). PIRACY took home $5,000 after an early sailfish release for Gregory Poole's 1st Release of the Day!

Of the total 205 entered boats, 153 are still eligible to fish tomorrow & 52 will be fished out! The FABULOUS FISHERMAN'S Prize Money is anyone's game on the final day of the 62nd Annual Big Rock Tournament! TUNE IN to see who will WIN the $552,500! We start one hour earlier tomorrow- lines in at 8AM!

Visit https://www.thebigrock.com/prize-money/ for a complete list of standings & current leaderboard!

06/12/20 @ 4:36 PM


PELAGIC HUNTER II has boated their blue marlin & en route to the weigh station- ETA 5:30PM! The 35' Contender is in Level I, II, WTA Dolphin & the Outboard Division! You won't want to miss this- TUNE IN SOON!

Jun 12 @ 8:17 PM

Reel Love

Weighed a 32.2 lb dolphin.

Jun 12 @ 8:16 PM

Fin Planner

Weighed a 32.9 lb dolphin.