62nd Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

June 08 - June 13, 2020

Activity Feed

06/10/20 @ 4:18 PM


Today ended with no blues in the boat; however, gamefish are on their way to the scales! 12 blues, 2 whites & 7 sails were caught and released. MAMA WHO had a great day with TWO blue marlin releases worth 800 points (unofficially). Unfortunately, after a 6 hour fight, GRAND SLAM lost their fish. CHUNDA released the 62nd fish of the tournament for a $6,200 payout!

Sporty seas called for a calmer day on land; however, TUNE IN to Facebook LIVE or Big Rock TV to follow coverage of LIVE gamefish weigh-ins NOW!

06/10/20 @ 2:42 PM

Day 3: 76 Offshore, 129 Laying

A mid-week lay day has slowed down activity offshore. There are 76 boats fishing today and 128 boats taking a lay day. 11 blue marlin, 1 white & 8 sailfish have been released so far. POST CALL released a white marlin at 9:07 for the Gregory Poole 1st Release of the Day worth $5,000. GRAND SLAM has been hooked up since 9:19 AM and is still fighting their fish- both LO QUE SEA & MAGGIE are also still hooked up. Less than 20 minutes left of fishing- keep you posted!

Jun 10 @ 6:42 PM


Weighed a 37.9 lb dolphin.

Jun 10 @ 6:41 PM


Weighed a 37.1 lb dolphin.