62nd Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

June 08 - June 13, 2020

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06/08/20 @ 5:44 PM

HATTER-DONE almost had it!

HATTER-DONE'S blue marlin came in weighing 488-pounds, just 12 lbs. short of winning $552,500 for the Fabulous Fisherman's Level! Hopes are high for PREDATOR's catch- expected to make an appearance closer to 7:30PM. Gamefish weigh-ins are in full swing & the dolphin are stacking up!

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06/08/20 @ 3:52 PM


HATTER-DONE is on their way- with a 4:30PM ETA! PREDATOR has boated the 4th blue marlin after a 5 hour fight, we expect to see them sometime after 7:00PM. In the meantime, check out gamefish weighins via Big Rock TV or on Facebook LIVE! We'll keep you updated on ETA's as we're notified. Download the Big Rock app for the complete leaderboard following Day 1 or visit www.thebigrock.com

Jun 08 @ 7:45 PM


Hooked up

Jun 08 @ 7:45 PM


Boated a blue marlin.