61st Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

June 09 - June 15, 2019

Activity Feed

06/10/19 @ 5:50 PM


WOLVERINE's 588.9 lb. blue marlin puts them in 1st place- putting SWEETUMS in 2nd & TOP DOG in 3rd!

06/10/19 @ 5:44 PM

PIRACY placed in 3rd!

PIRACY brought in a 461.4 lb. blue marlin- putting them in 3rd place! We are expecting WOLVERINE any minute. DONNA MAE boated their blue marlin, ETA 7:00! BIG TAHUNA will be making a late arrival around 8:00pm + we're weighing gamefish in the meantime! Day 1 is far from over, make you way down to Big Rock Landing!!

Jun 10 @ 9:23 PM

Savanna Leigh

Weighed a 36.2 lb dolphin.

Jun 10 @ 9:22 PM

Weldor's Ark

Weighed a 20.1 lb dolphin.