61st Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

June 09 - June 15, 2019

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06/13/19 @ 3:23 PM

Dr. Leroy Allen WINS 1962 SOLO!

In 1962, Dr. Allen fought a blue marlin for two hours from an OUTBOARD near the Big Rock BY HIMSELF!! Leroy not only caught the fish himself, he won the 1962 blue marlin tournament with his SINGLE-HANDED catch of a 487 pound marlin. When he got the fish in the boat, he couldn't load the fish in, so he towed it back to the dock! He was the captain, the mate & the angler....can you say impressive?!

06/13/19 @ 3:15 PM

PAVED FOR will make an appearance!

15 minutes before Randy Ramsey called lines out of the water, PAVED FOR notified us on they had a fish on! Although the call resulted in a pulled hook, we're hoping PAVED FOR will still make an appearance to Big Rock Landing this afternoon- join us for THIRSTY THURSDAY 4pm - 7pm!

The leaderboard remains unchanged at the end of Day 4; however, we're expecting the next 2 days to be BUSY! Lines are in tomorrow morning at 9AM!

06/13/19 @ 12:55 PM

ON THIS DAY in 1998!

On June 13th, 1998 Lonnie Poole's WASTE KNOT, Raleigh NC, brought in the winning 564 lb. blue marlin!

At first the team questioned whether they would even be able to get back to the dock after running out of fuel eight miles from the scales. As the fish was hoisted, everyone noticed angler Karl Knudsen had a black eye. "The real fight began once we got the fish in the cockpit" Karl said! Nonetheless the crew was able to contain the fish and win the tournament just before the weigh station closed.

A quote from Lonnie Poole in 1995 prior to his win in 1998- "It's almost as fun to lose in the Big Rock as it is to win, but how would I know?" Poole was the first to make a donation ($14,000) back to the Big Rock after winning the tournament!

06/13/19 @ 10:32 AM

PAVED FOR is offshore!

We have ONE BOAT fishing today. Good luck & tight lines to the crew aboard PAVED FOR!

06/13/19 @ 10:14 AM


Today's weather doesn't seem too promising, so we're taking you BACK IN TIME to highlight the history of a few of our participants!

Starting with the captain of current 1st place boat WOLVERINE , Rocky Hardison, who seems to be following in his father's footsteps. Rocky's father was a charter boat captain on the Morehead City waterfront for the boat ROCK-A-LONG back in the 1960's! That was back when fishing times were sunrise to sunset & entrance fees were just $25.00 per boat!