51st Annual Gold Cup Team Fishing Tournament

51st Annual Gold Cup Team Fishing Tournament

February 7 - February 11, 2023

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02/10/23 @ 4:14 PM

400lbs of Stone Crab and Bragging Rights!

Wow, way to pull through there at the end! Great job to Liquidity on the morning sail and congrats to Canyon Lady and Flyer on their late afternoon doubles!

The Sailfish Club has 400lbs Stone Crab on ice ready for tonights party starting at 6pm. If your team would like a reserved table please call the club at 561-844-0206

Reservations for tomorrow nights Awards Banquet are Necessary and Can Not Be Changed after tomorrow at Noon. Please call the club or email Sarah at SarahGay@SailfishClub.com

A big Thank you to the Hit-n-Run for this great photo of mate, Logan Ross, releasing Angler, Camila Ingram's sail!

Make sure you're included in the video tomorrow night and upload your images and videos!

02/10/23 @ 12:15 PM

The App Is Working. So Are Our Anglers and Crew!

Your eyes do not deceive you! One fish released all day. It is brutally slow fishing.

Watching from ashore, my admiration only grows for those giving it their all right now. The boats have run just as far, the mates have rigged just as many baits, the anglers are still behind the rods watching, waiting to see something different.. a sailfish.

When he finally does show up, everyone's going to jump, hearts are going to pound. Every good angler has missed one (a few) but today is not the day. The stakes are higher. These fish have become very very expensive.

No Pressure! But, we wouldn't play this game if our heart wasn't in it.

From the bottom of our hearts, Good Luck!!!

Feb 10 @ 3:03 PM


Jim McCarthy released a sailfish.

Feb 10 @ 2:14 PM

Special Situation

Allen Moore released a sailfish.

Feb 10 @ 2:06 PM


Matt George released a sailfish.

Feb 10 @ 2:06 PM


Greg Axton released a sailfish.

Feb 10 @ 1:48 PM

Tami Ann

Frank Mazza released a sailfish.

Feb 10 @ 1:39 PM

Canyon Lady

Scott Zurawski released a sailfish.

Feb 10 @ 1:39 PM

Canyon Lady

Jimbo Sansome released a sailfish.

02/10/23 @ 7:28 AM

Good Morning Day 3!

3 seems to be the number of the day!
Bear with me here..
Day 3, 3 boats are taking their lay-day, 3 boats are in 3rd with 3, and our two top anglers, Dave Anderson Jr. And Serena Wilson have 3 fish each.. Thats something!
Congrats to Krazy Salts for holding onto the lead although Showtime! made them fight for it moving into 2nd and taking the daily with you guessed it... 3 fish.
With Wrapped Up currently in 3rd taking their lay-day today.. fans will have to watch this tournament through lines out tomorrow! It's still anyone's game.
Good Luck Everyone!

Feb 10 @ 9:15 AM


Mike Durkin released a sailfish.