50th Annual Gold Cup Team Fishing Tournament

January 11 - January 15, 2022

Activity Feed

01/13/22 @ 3:55 PM

Leader Board Update

With many in the fleet fishing our northern boundary we depended on relays from the fleet. Polarizer released a fish at 10:08am that was not recorded moving them into second place! Thank you to all who relayed and congratulations to Polarizer on a great day!

01/13/22 @ 3:41 PM

Congrats to Tami Ann

Lines out for Day 2! Congratulations to our leaders Tami Ann, Seven, and Krazy Salts! Should be a pretty ride home for our teams. The game continues tomorrow at 8am!

01/13/22 @ 2:45 PM

Late Day Action

With less than an hour left of fishing Tami Ann has taken the lead and Polarizer is now one of six boats with two fish tied for second!

Jan 13 @ 6:25 PM

BAD Kitty

William * D'Antonio weighed a 13.0 lb dolphin