40th Annual Mako Fever

June 16 - June 24, 2018

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06/24/18 @ 7:46 PM

Seaquester did not weigh in!

Seaquester did not weigh in....

Here's the ruling on the Mako that was just weighed in by Seaquester. There were two officers here, one from NOAA who is a Federal Officer and a Conservation Police Officer from State of NJ. Their decision and ruling is that the Mako weighed in by Seaquester was officially undersized at 79" fork length. Seaquester left the weigh station and did not weigh in.

06/24/18 @ 6:39 PM

Another update.....

Seaquester Boat #34 coming in to weigh Mako at approx. 207lbs.

Stay tuned for official weight!

06/24/18 @ 5:33 PM


Boat #44 - Retainer coming in to weigh in a Thresher!

Stay tuned!

06/24/18 @ 5:33 PM


06/24/18 @ 3:40 PM

Crime Scene Update

Just saw a crew member from Crime Scene who gave us an update on what they caught and released during the week. They caught 4 Makos approximately 5' each and a real large brown shark which weighed close to 300lbs. All were released.

Thanks for the update and thanks for your participation!

Jun 24 @ 6:14 PM


Weighed a 316.0 lb thresher.

06/24/18 @ 8:48 AM

Reminder - 40th Annual Mako Fever Tournament Awards Dinner!

Reminder - 40th Annual Mako Fever Tournament Awards Dinner!




06/24/18 @ 8:31 AM

Still plenty of t-shirts and buckets for sale!

40th Annual Mako Fever Tournament T-Shirts for Sale!

Did you get our tournament shirt yet?

We'll be at Crystal Point Yacht Club today from 4pm till 8pm selling our 40th Annual Mako Fever Tournament T-Shirts!

All sizes - Youth, Women's and Men's

Short and Long Sleeved Cotton & Dri- Wick! The Dri-Wick shirts are lightweight and great for the summer!

Women's and Men's Tanks!

Buy two or more and get $5 off your purchase!

In addition to our t-shirt sales today at our weigh ins, we will also be selling our Mako Fever Captain's Buckets for only $5 each! Great to keep on your boat, in your shop or for use around your home! You can never have enough buckets! Oh yeah....and they're great filled with ice and cold beers!!!

We hope to see you there!

06/24/18 @ 8:16 AM

Declared Boats for today, Sunday June 24th, our final day of fishing....

Declared Boats for today, Sunday June 24th, our final day of fishing....

Boat Number Boat Name
4 Tongue & Groove
7 Big Boy
11 Slabjack
17 Hello Dolly
19 Green Machine
22 Taylor Jean
24 Miss Micaayla Ann
25 Fin Chaser
27 Stag-A-Long
28 Trophy Hunter
30 Trasea Ann
32 Finominal
34 Seaquester
40 Megan Beth
44 Retainer
46 Thor
48 Galaxy
49 Miss-Tress

A few reminders.....

Since this is our last day of fishing, today is also the last day to qualify to win the Chevy Silverado truck from Lester Glenn which will go to the angler who brings in the largest Mako that beats the NJ State record!

We ask that you PLEASE either text to the checkout number or call us via radio on either Channel 72 or backup channel 65 to let us know on your way back in if you have a fish to weigh in or not. If you are coming in with a weigh in, you MUST be in the inlet by 7pm to get back to the weigh in station on time! Weigh in station officially closes at 8pm!

The tournament has't been exciting as we'd hope it would be. Today, let's see if we can change that! Best of luck to all of you today!

Thanks to all of the captains and crew members for your participation in our tournament! We deeply appreciate the support and cooperation throughout! We hope to see you back again next year!

Happy fishing and safe boating! We'll see you at weighs in....hopefully!