40th Annual Mako Fever

June 16 - June 24, 2018

Activity Feed

06/21/18 @ 5:24 PM

Oops III reported in...

Oops III just reported in...released 3 blue sharks, 2 brown sharks & 1 hammerhead. No Makos.

Thanks for the report!

06/21/18 @ 5:03 PM

Update from Chasing Tail....

Update from Chasing Tail....

Just down at Tom's Canyon and they have nothing.

06/21/18 @ 4:06 PM

First status today.....

First status today....

Neverending Captain and crew just rolled by our weigh station and had no weigh in. Done for the day.

Thank you guys for your support and participation!

06/21/18 @ 2:26 PM

Additional sharks released unharmed Sat. June 16th!

On Saturday June 16, the Valerie Rae released 3 blue sharks unharmed.

Thanks for sharing this info Captain and crew members!