22nd Annual Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament

June 07 - June 08, 2019

Activity Feed

06/08/19 @ 6:48 PM

WHITE CAPS with the WIN!

THAT'S A WRAP for the 22nd Annual KWLA Tournament! We ended the day with 29 billfish releases & 43 gamefish. WHITE CAPS holds 1st place with 800 points. FLORIDIAN took home the largest dolphin, weighing 36.6 lbs & BLUE EYES brought in a wahoo worth $15,450.51!

Congratulations to all of our lady anglers, we hope you had as much fun as we did! STAY TUNED for game fish shots!

06/08/19 @ 2:39 PM


LINES ARE OUT of the water - we still have 2 boats hooked up! WHITE CAPS has been fighting their fish for an hour! Big Rock Landing is rockin' & ready for you to join us for KWLA gamefish weigh-ins!

Jun 08 @ 6:38 PM

Talkin Trash

Weighed a 13.3 lb dolphin.

Jun 08 @ 6:38 PM

Double Trouble - Beaufort

Weighed a 25.6 lb dolphin.