2023 Bluefin Open

2023 Bluefin Open

June 5 - June 11, 2023

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06/11/23 @ 10:07 PM

Closing Time…

Well, the books are officially closed on the 2023 MRMTC Bluefin Open. It was a year of records. For the Bluefin Open it was a record number of boats, and a record number of winnings. We all wished for better fishing for sure. But we all fished hard and did our best to compete. Dan Burzon and the crew of the Teddi B took home the first place trophy and over $28,000.00. While our second place boat, Bryan Russo’s Better Attitude went all in and took home a whopping $206,000.00!!! A respectable amount in any fishing tournament!
The MRMTC would like to thank our presenting sponsor South Jersey Yacht Sales for their support in taking the Bluefin Open to the next level. As well as all our other sponsors and certainly all our entrants. We will be hard at work looking forward to 2024 to continue to make this tournament even better.
See you all at The Offshore Open in August!

06/09/23 @ 8:59 PM

Day 3

Well, day 3 is officially in the books and we are past the halfway point of the 2023 MRMTC Bluefin Open. While the fishing continues to be extremely challenging, Dan Burzon on his 29 Invincible, TEDDI B has moved into 1st place with his 117.5lb Bluefin. 2nd place Bryan Russo, aboard his 37 Egg Harbor BETTER ATTITUDE still sits atop of the money list. Shout out to the crew of boat #26 EL GATO for releasing a nice mako shark, doesn’t win them anything unfortunately but we are sure it added some excitement to their day. Still two days of fishing left and a lot of boats have yet to go out. As any fisherman knows it can turn on at anytime, let’s see who can make that happen! See you at the scale tomorrow!

06/09/23 @ 5:13 PM

Teddi B

Big day for Dr. Dan Burzon!!! Takes the lead with a 117.5 pounder!

06/09/23 @ 2:07 PM

Fish On!!!!

Despite VERY difficult fishing conditions we just received word that we will be weighing a fish right at the scale opening. See you at 5pm at Brielle Yacht Club. Grab a drink at the Pig & Parrot on your walk out!

06/08/23 @ 10:29 AM

Day 2

19 boats fishing today and a lot of talent out there today. Scale opens up at 5pm. See you at the Pig and Parrot for the action!

Jun 07 @ 5:48 PM

Better Attitude

Weighed a 80.1 lbs bluefin

06/02/23 @ 4:29 PM

Almost There!

The leaderboard is up!!! By this time next week it will be loaded with names. Will your boat be on it???
Captains meeting this Monday, 6:00pm at the Pig & Parrot!

05/30/23 @ 10:01 PM


Some new hardware at Brielle Yacht Club for the 2023 MRMTC Bluefin Open courtesy of R.Kremer & Son Marine Contractors. Who will be the first to test it out???