Bluefin Open

Bluefin Open

June 6 - June 12, 2022

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Activity Feed

Jun 12 @ 6:28 PM

Due Course

Heaviest Triple 1st Place

Jun 12 @ 6:27 PM

Fish Stix

Heaviest Triple 2nd Place

Jun 12 @ 6:26 PM


Small Boat A 1st Place

Jun 12 @ 6:25 PM


Small Boat A 2nd Place

Jun 12 @ 6:24 PM


Small Boat Double 1st Place

Jun 12 @ 6:22 PM


Small Boat Double 1st Place

Jun 12 @ 4:37 PM


Weighed a 114.5 lbs bluefin

06/12/22 @ 10:02 AM

Day 5

Moving Day. We’ve reached our last day. Rainy weather for sure but the offshore conditions very fishable. We have 4 boats out there, and despite having a high mountain to climb (a 226lb Bluefin is a pretty high mountain) it is of course day 5, and things happen on the last day. Just ask last years winner, Matador, who weighed in the winning fish with only minutes to spare. Do any of our boats have a shot at moving the needle? Scale opens at 3:00, closes at 5:00.

06/11/22 @ 10:17 PM

Day 4

A wild day 4 has come to a close. Lots of fish.. some big, some small (and some too big!). The BIGest news is Andrew Whiting’s 30 foot Cobia, Deep Six showed the big boys how it’s done weighing in the tournament leading 226lb Bluefin Tuna. Congrats to Andrew and his crew. One more day left…