InTheBite Champion's Cup

January 01 - December 31, 2021

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01/10/21 @ 7:53 AM

January 11, 2021 Florida Division Update

Dear Champion's Cup Competitors,

Lo Que Sea leads the Florida "single day" dead bait leaderboard after releasing 4 sailfish January 9, 2021, during the final day of the Pelican Yacht Club tournament.
Team Lunatico 2(42' Invincible) released 2 sailfish Friday January 8, 2021 during the Silver Sailfish Derby to lead the "single day" live bait release category.
We have a long way to go in 2021! Please help spread the word about this exciting new series. Be safe and we look forward to seeing everyone on a dock soon.

Capt Dale Wills

01/08/21 @ 11:34 AM

Lo Que Sea leads Daily Dead Bait Category With 3 Sailfish

January 8, 2021 We have 2 events underway in the Florida Division- the Pelican Yacht Club in Ft. Pierce and the Silver Sailfish Derby in Palm Beach. Tony Huerta's Lo Que Sea released 3 sailfish on dead bait during the Pelican day 2 to lead the division. We will be confirming daily scores at the completion of each tournament. Be sure to register soon.

Jan 07 @ 3:15 PM

Lo Que Sea

Caught 3.0 single day releases.

Jan 01 @ 7:37 AM

Lo Que Sea

Caught 4.0 single day releases.