InTheBite Champion's Cup

January 1 - December 31, 2021


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Jun 05 @ 6:16 PM

A Work of Art

2nd Place Finish Gulf Division

Jun 01 @ 2:45 PM

Relentless Pursuit

3rd Place Finish Gulf Division

May 31 @ 9:40 AM

Wave Paver

3rd Place Finish International Division

May 31 @ 9:40 AM

Wave Paver

Caught a 3rd place finish international division.

May 16 @ 9:41 AM

Wave Paver

3rd Place Finish International Division

04/29/21 @ 11:51 AM

April 29, 2021 Adding Teams Weekly

Hi everyone, I just returned from a short two day visit to Marsh Harbour and I'm happy to report Abaco Beach Resort looks great, especially with the fleet of sport boats docked in the marina. It was also nice to see everyone gearing up for the Production vs. Custom Shootout. We added a few more quality boats to our growing list of Champion's Cup teams—Wave Paver, Turn It Blue, Grander, Viking Demo and Gulf Bender. A few other teams said they will be signing up once they start fishing the East Coast Division. Our Largest Blue purse is close to $30k and we are trying to reach our first year goal of $50k (10 more boats). We'll have an update on the "Division Purses" soon. We've received some great positivity from everyone regarding the Cup and we're happy to explain any and all aspects of the tournament so everyone knows exactly how it works. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to meet with me. Good luck to all and we'll continue our mission to encourage everyone to Fish Regionally and Compete Globally!

All the best,

Apr 16 @ 5:01 PM


1st Place Finish International Division

04/12/21 @ 12:30 PM

Monday, April 12 Update

With the third leg of the “Quest for the Crest” Sailfish Series wrapped up, the Bar South team is at a total of 11 points for live bait releases within the Florida Division. Lunatico2 is following behind them with a close 7 points. Bar South was also crowned the 2020 Crest for the Crest Champions this past weekend. The White Marlin Roundup is next.

Mar 22 @ 4:53 PM

Eight Eights

2nd Place Finish International Division

Mar 22 @ 4:53 PM

Eight Eights

Caught a 2nd place finish international division.