Dally’s All Species Odyssey

June 19 - June 20, 2021

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Jun 20 @ 6:59 AM

Gillespie Miners

Terry Cordum released a largemouth bass.

Jun 20 @ 6:40 AM

Kiki & The Beard

Kristie Spielmaker released a green sunfish.

Jun 20 @ 6:25 AM

Cotton Patch

Blake Coffman released a longear.

Jun 20 @ 6:19 AM

Banana Boat Chicks

Hanna Ricker released a hognose sucker.

06/19/21 @ 9:43 PM

6am Options

I'm looking fora few options for 6am photos.
Can your text me your game plan, walk ins or put ins. Boat ramps or access points. Trying to get some cool shots for our social media

479 381.2080

If I get a cool shot you can get it for free if you want

Hit me up


06/19/21 @ 8:01 PM

See you under the bridge

I'll clean up score submitted before 8 at the event

06/19/21 @ 8:00 PM

All Fishing ceases for today

Congrats everyone..... great day

06/19/21 @ 7:37 PM

Check Your Catch

Gday, seems the fishing has been tough but man what an even race.

When you are winding down check your submitted images against your tally on the leaderboard

Some have found if they were in bad signal areas the scores wouldn't load.

I have cleared all submissions in the app as of 7.30

See you soon for something cold