Oak Bluffs Bluewater Classic

July 14 - July 18, 2020


Activity Feed

07/16/20 @ 6:18 PM

IMPORTANT OBBC Boats staying In OB Harbor

To all boats staying in the harbor, it is very important that all boats respect their surroundings and the Oak Bluffs Marina area. We have experienced some complaints already, and this kind of stuff doesn't help the tournament and is not a good representation of what this event is all about. So we are asking that everyone please keep the noise level down after hours, and understand that we are all guests. If your boat is involved in an incident, you will be asked to leave. The harbor has a zero tolerance on disruptive behavior. Let's all have some fun, and catch lots of fish. Good luck!

07/16/20 @ 2:34 PM

OBBC Tournament Update

To all boats fishing after midnight tonight, please keep in mind that the vast majority of the fleet is heading out to fish Friday and Saturday. Consequently our weigh in on Saturday evening will be very busy. We strongly ask and advise that everyone have their release footage cued up and ready to go, and your fish to be weighed on the deck, before approaching the weigh station. We will not be able to weigh more than the maximum amount of fish allowed. Boats will be allowed to wait in their slips or moorings.

We will do our very best to keep the tournament app current with scores but will probably not have it finalized until late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. We will award all winning vessels their prizes either in Oak Bluffs on Sunday morning or on the mainland on Monday.

Also there was some confusion on rule number 10 which has been modified to explain IGFA rules correctly. Leaders shall be no more than 30 feet, however the IGFA aloows an additional 10 feet for double line in addition to the 30 feet.

Lastly all boats with beams greater than 17' should plan on approaching the weigh station port side to. We will have a polyball on the finger pier and there will be a piling with fenders to secure your bow on.

Good luck everyone!