Pirate's Cove Billfish

August 12 - August 16, 2019

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Aug 14 @ 6:06 PM


Weighed a 2.6 lbs dolphin

Aug 14 @ 6:06 PM


Weighed a 5.3 lbs dolphin

08/14/19 @ 12:50 PM

12:30 UPDATE

70 Boats Laying today, and 4 entered into the Layday tournament. In which 3 boats decided to stay to the dock and donate to the cause. Thank you to the Stream Weaver, the Uno Mas, and the Low Profile for adding to the pot. Keep in mind that the Chasin Tail MUST catch a fish today in order to win anything in the Lay Day Tournament. If he does NOT catch anything, then 100% of the money will go strait to Charity.

Events for this evening:

1:00pm- Albermarle Tie Dye T-shirts in front of the pavilion under the Albermarle tent.

6-10pm Kids Camp by BB&T Wealth-Spaces are limited, call 252-473-6366 for more information.

For all who want to know about the Salvations fish last night.... They fought the fish for 5 hours on light tackle, and unfortunately broke it off right there at the end. The highlight of the whole thing was to hear Mrs Pam Simmons say she was "Simply grateful to be there". We couldn't agree more, a Blue Marlin release is a privilege denied to many.

08/14/19 @ 9:07 AM


All forms have been turned in as of DAY 2. The Due South is the only boat fishing the Tournament today, and according to Greg Mayer its absolutely beautiful. According to a few others they were ready to go fishing but couldn't round up the 8 boats/10% of the fleet. According to Jordan Croswait a few of them have their eye on some water that is trying to push its way down.
The Fishin' Frenzy is fishing for fun, The Chasin Tail is fishing the Lay Day Tournament, and the DUE SOUTH, according to Nikki, grabbed 10 40#bags of ice this morning on a mission. The rest of the boats are all hanging out rigging, fixing Antenna's and such, or sitting back relaxing on this sunny, breezy, beautiful August morning. Tonight Jeremy and the Generations are playing with our Daily Sponsor Gregory Poole CAT. If you're listening to the live audio feed bare with us, we will be updating every 30 minutes throughout the day, with as many jokes possible. Have a great Day!

08/14/19 @ 8:26 AM


Alright Folks, if you know someone or ARE someone who is Laying today and have not turned in your Lime Green Lay Day form, or Filled one out with us here at the Pavilion with Heather or Ship Store with Nikki- Here's your last call. All forms must be turned in BY LINES IN. So far we have confirmed that The DUE SOUTH in fact IS FISHING for DAY 2. The CHASIN TAIL is also FISHING but they are fishing the LAY DAY TOURNAMENT. They are the only boat in the Lay Day Tournament, out of 5 boats entered, that are FISHING. So if they catch a billfish today they are guaranteed winners of the Layday Tournament (Half of $5,000-half of it going to Charity). Now the DUE SOUTH is NOT eligible for the Daily Prize Category because 10% of the boats aren't fishing. They would've needed 8 boats to fish today in order to qualify, according to the rules. The Due South will only be eligible to will win the FIRST FISH prize of a sweet $5,000 sponsored by SEVEN STAR YACHT TRANSPORT, as of now. 5 MINUTES to go....

08/13/19 @ 10:22 PM


For some of you wondering- we have 40 boats laying so far for DAY 2. All of the lay day forms that have been turned in to Heather have been noted on the PCBT app now. If you have not turned in your Lime Green Lay day form by LINES IN tomorrow morning YOU ARE CONSIDERED FISHING ON DAY 2. Set your alarms now so you do not sleep in. Have a great night everyone!