Pirate's Cove Billfish

August 12 - August 16, 2019

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Weighed a 25.6 lb wahoo

Aug 13 @11:05 PM

Bad Becky

Released a white marlin.

08/13/19 @ 3:52 PM


The Radio relay from Capt. Jamin Simmons has it, as of right now, that the Salvation is hooked up on a good fish. They got this one on light tackle so it is going to be a challenge. We are standing by for the word. It also sounds like they are trying to get the picture so it might not even be a fish to boat and are hoping to get photo verification points at this time. Heather reiterates SCALES ARE OPEN for the Salvation

08/13/19 @ 3:00 PM



08/13/19 @ 2:59 PM


Hatterascal is hooked up on a double
The General is hooked up
Salvation is hooked up trying to get a picture

08/13/19 @ 2:50 PM

10 Minutes Until lines OUT

10 Minutes Until Lines OUT

Aug 13 @ 6:40 PM

Bad Becky

Weighed a 63.3 lb tuna

08/13/19 @ 2:20 PM

Desperado NC

The (Pirates Cove) Desperado just called in their 4th fish, which makes their 3rd Sailfish to add to their unverified Blue Marlin- a potential 250points plus 3x100 individual sailfish points- an overall possible 550points to hold First Place on Day 1.
Nice job Capt. Rob Barker Mates Braxton Rigsbie and Jeff James
Anglers fishing this week: Mickey Carter, Ron Wade, Andy Gay, Billy Carter, Craig Sudbrink and/or Jeff Cruen
Not sure who caught fish today of course but will know more when scorecards get in this evening...

Aug 13 @ 5:48 PM

Bad Becky

Weighed a 18.7 lb dolphin

Aug 13 @ 5:39 PM


Weighed a 27.2 lb wahoo